Teddy’s Birth Story

Hi all! I’m ready to share the birth of our sweet new baby, Teddy!! I’ve done one of these for each of my boys, and I feel bad it’s taken me 3 months to get to Teddy’s birth story. #thirdchildprobs! #movingwith2kidsandanewbornprobs! 😆 I hate waiting too long, in fear I’ll forget those little details, but I’m hoping I can recall it all okay. It’s a plus my hubby takes excellent notes for me! 🤗

It was April 4th and we were headed to the hospital for my induction. I was 40w5d pregnancy. I never thought I would have to do an induction on my second and third babies—considering my first was early and his L&D was very fast (or so I’m told) 😝 but alas, I was, and I was in for a ride! Anyway, back to my story, or should I say Teddy’s story?!


We arrived at the hospital around 8am. Once I got into my room they hooked me up to my IV for hydration. This was around 8:30am. The monitor was showing that I was having contractions every 10 minutes on my own. It got down to about every 9 minutes (and 3cm dilated) before they gave me my pitocin.

I got my pitocin at 9:15am and by 10:04am my contractions were already 2 min apart!


My parents brought our other 2 kids, Preston and Jack, to the hospital and they came into the room to hang out, during my contractions and all!! I have loved having my parents be apart of each boys delivery. It’s so fun knowing they are at the hospital during one of the best experiences ever!


It was so funny because everyone kept talking to me like I wasn’t going to have this baby until late in the evening, or even early the next morning. I kept telling them that my body has never worked that way, I knew this baby would be here after lunch.  

So I got my pitocin at 9:15 and the doctor broke my water about 10:30am. My contractions immediately picked up and they continued to get stronger and last longer. By 11:15am I was getting uncomfortable. I was taking long deep breaths through each contraction and we gave the big boys apples to eat so they wouldn’t bother me. Haha!


I requested my epidural shortly after that and the anesthesiologist got into my room at noon!    The pain of getting the epidural is always so much better knowing the contractions will not be so darn dreadful! I was having a really strong contraction as he gave me my epidural, my whole body was shaking!

They checked me after I got my epidural and I was 5cm. I have to admit, I was a little bummed I was only 5cm. Especially considering I had been 3 cm for the last few weeks!! Haha 

My parents came back into the room after my epidural. This was around 1pm or so, once they finished lunch in the cafeteria. We decided Preston needed to burn off some steam and Jack needed a nap. So my Dad took Preston out to the lobby to play and Chad decided to take jack on a walk around the hospital while we waited. He always gets a little stir crazy being locked in a room so long, haha!! So my Mom stayed in the room with me while the men took the boys. We all thought it would be awhile before anything exciting happened at this point.

Not even an hour later, about 2pm, we noticed my machine was going all crazy! I told my Mom it didn’t seem right after looking at the monitors from the other rooms. ((Side note: my epidural ended up being so strong I couldn’t even feel my legs at this point!)) 😳 So we called the nurse into my room. She came in and looked at the monitor, I told her I thought I was in transition based on what the machine was doing. She said she probably just needed to reboot the machine, and it must have been a fluke. (I should also mention, my nurse was literally no where in sight unless i called her on the machine, seriously. Apparently she was too busy sitting out by her desk ordering pizza. 🤷🏻‍♀️) The nurse rebooted the machine and my monitor was still going crazy! Up and down, up and down! I asked her to check me, and she was kind of annoyed, so she checked me and was like ‘whoa, you’re 10cm!’. Then, it’s like she realized the doctor was busy because she went from a bit frazzled to calm and collective. I told her we needed to get a doctor in here! She told us the doctor was currently doing a c-section and would come in when she’s finished! I couldn’t believe there were no other OB doctors around. She was the only one on the floor, with inductions, csections, natural births, and overseeing the postpartum rooms! At 2:30pm we were still waiting on the doctor. I was frantically calling Chad, I didn’t want him to miss the birth of his third son!! During this my Mom, and the cute little nurse that’s inside her, Took off her leather jacket and scrubbed in, in preparation to deliver my little bundle! Shortly after that I got ahold of chad and he came back into the room at 3pm—at that time my Mom left for the lobby. Just a few minutes later the doctor comes flying into my room at 3:05pm, and says ‘oh, there’s his head!!’ And 1.5 pushes later, he was out! Our little bundle arrived at 3:09pm (Although it could have been almost an hour earlier 🤪) , he was 9lbs 4oz and 19 inches long. The first thing the doctor said after he was born was, ‘wow he’s a big baby!’.


They handed him to me and I laid him on my chest! It’s just the best feeling ever! Another little body to love and snuggle!


It took us the the longest time to come up with Teddy’s name. We seriously went to the hospital with nothing in mind that we liked, or could agree on! I think it drove our families crazy!! Especially my Mom! She literally went crazy not knowing his name. Haha.


We spent the next couple days trying to decide on a name. Our families were texting us all sorts of ideas! We finally decided on the name Theodore Wells! Nickname: Teddy! 💙


Welcome to the world sweet boy!! 9EC67F2E-BEE4-4C81-98B1-6ED54F60C64B

…until next time! Xoxo

Jack Bear turns ONE!

Happy birthday to our little Jack Bear!!! This past year has just flown by!!! I can’t hardly believe that one year ago today we were at the hospital patiently awaiting his arrival! I still remember freaking out when he came out because he wasn’t crying and he was pretty blue/purple at first. I just kept saying ‘why isn’t he crying?! Why isn’t he crying?!’ The Doctor was reassuring me that he would, and he did! It only took him about a minute to cry, but to a mother that had just pushed a baby out of her bits, it seemed like an eternity! The umbilical cord was wrapped so tightly around his neck and arm that the doctor had to actually cut the cord before I could even push him the rest of the way out. Even with all that, he still did really well on his APGARS!

Anyway, back to the start of our day…

Chad and I woke up early in the morning and headed to the hospital. Once I got there and got settled in, around 9:30am, they gave me a very tiny dose of pitocin to get things moving. That tiny dose was enough to get my contractions started! I was progressing really well, especially for being induced, they didn’t have to give me any more pitocin!  I was able to get my epidural once I was about 6 cm around 10:30am, and about an hour later at 11:20 I was already 10cm. We waited for Jack to progress down the birthing canal a little further. I started pushing at about 12:10 and only pushed through one contraction. Jack made his arrival at 12:12 pm!  It was a very quick, and smooth process, thankfully!!

Thinking back to my pregnancy with Jack, he wasn’t a very big mover. I’d feel movements every so often, but nothing compared to Preston. It never really worried me because he didn’t ever move much, so it never decreased. It did have me a bit worried when I was a week late and didn’t have a lot of movement, but like i said, it wasn’t much different from the rest of his pregnancy!

Jack has been pretty mellow from the beginning. He basically came out and slept around the clock. I had to wake him for feedings for the first week, once he packed on some pounds, I let him sleep and he’s basically been sleeping through the night since!

Jack is so sweet and is very social! He hates to miss out on anything!! I think that’s why he only takes one nap a day and has done that since about 8 months!! He takes one 2 hour nap a day. He usually sleeps for about 11-12 hour a night though. He’s in bed by 5:30 or 6pm and will sleep until anywhere from 5:30-6:30 in the morning. Jack has recently started walking!! I finally realized that he wouldn’t walk with socks or footed jammies on, and I always had him in one or the other!! Once I realized he would walk when he was bare foot, he started walking more often than not! Jack has some words he can say. It’s so cute!! He says: no, uh oh, hello, mama, dada, all done, and good. There might be more, but I can’t remember. He has his darn binky in so much he only talks when it’s out, obviously! Haha

Jack is a very good eater. He’s not picky at all. He will eat anything!! Hot or cold, savory or sweet. A few faves are: cheese, frozen peas, blueberries, and hummus!

He is just starting to get over a 3 week long sickness. It started with a cough and runny nose, vomiting, not eating much, and a fever. Then came a double ear infection and pink eye! It’s been neverending. I’m ready for my sweet boy to be healthy again!

Jack and Preston have the sweetest bond I’ve ever seen!! They love each other so much. They play together, give hugs and kisses, and get so excited to see each other after Preston gets done at school!! Preston takes such good care of jack. I have no doubt that he will be a huge help once the new baby arrives in March!

our little (big) Bear is quite the tank!! He is 26 lbs  (and just lost a pound from being sick) {96%} and is 30.5 inches long! {69%}. I always tell Chad how I can hardly lug him around in his car seat, think 50 lbs of dead weight, and I always giggle when he finally carries jack in his car seat somewhere and complains of how heavy he is. Haha! This pregnant wife lugs him around daily!! We recently got him his convertible car seat, but I can’t bare to make the switch!! Jack sleeps so well in his car seat when we are out and about. I think I’ll probably keep him in it until he hits the 30lb weight limit! Lol

We had a pretty low key day celebrating Jack’s birthday! It was just Chad, Preston, Jack, and me. We made some cinnamon rolls for breakfast and put a candle in it. We wore birthday hats and sang to Jack a few times throughout the day! He had a great day and even took a nice long nap for us!

We can’t wait to watch this sweet little guy turn into a young gentleman!

And for fun! Pictures from each month this past year:

AND Preston (left) and Jack (right) both on their first birthdays. Jack is 5 lbs heavier than Preston was! haha

Well, that’s about all for now! …until next time! xoxo ❤

Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas!

We’ve had a happy, busy year here in the house of Chad & Bethany! 😉 We relocated to Illinois this past year. We are enjoying our time here, and are excited to learn more about what the area has to offer!

We started 2017 off with a bang as we welcomed our little Jack Urban on December 30, 2016. He was a week late, but couldn’t have joined us at a better time!

Jack is now 11 months old! He’s up to the typical baby stuff: eat, sleep, and power crawl around the house to see how fast he can tear everything out of the cupboards before I notice. I like to say he’s as happy as he is fat. Just an all around good baby. He’s earned the nickname ‘Bear’ and it sure suits him well because he is definitely a bear to get down for a nap!

Preston is three years old and is the best big brother to Jack. I never imagined how seriously he’d take his big brother role! Preston is in preschool this year and loves going two mornings a week. He is quite the sponge and can’t wait to share what he learned at school that day. His favorite topics to discuss are construction work, machinery, and lightning. 🙂

Chad is enjoying his new role at work. He’s the Reliability Coordinator and has received great recognition for his hard work from management. Chad ran a 5k in September that his work sponsored. His boss had said that whoever beats him would get a prize. So in true Chad fashion, not having run in about 6 months, he beats all of his coworkers and ends up with a first place trophy for his age group.

In July, Chad and I found out we were expecting baby #3! We are excited to add another boy to our clan! Preston has decided to name the newest addition Basil, while in utero, “after our cute little basil plant on the front porch”. Baby Basil is due to arrive March 2018.

It’s been a busy year for me. Between prenatal appointments, keeping tabs on the boys, organizing and decorating our new house, the year has flown by! My favorite part of moving is having a new house to clean, organize, and decorate. I’ve been enjoying my time staying at home with the boys. It’s a true joy to watch them grow, learn, and thrive on a daily basis. It’s been a very rewarding job for me as their Mom.

In June, we went on a family vacation to Iceland with the my entire family.              Iceland is truly a hidden gem; I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to      travel abroad! The trip went so much better than we could have imagined. The                        boys did so well with sleeping on the go, the 6 hour flight, time change, tour                         busses, etc.  Preston still talks about Iceland daily. He has some great memories                           of our trip, especially the volcanoes!

That about wraps up our year in a nutshell! I hope this Christmas letter finds                              you doing well. We wish you good health and happiness in the coming year!

Chad, Bethany, Preston, and Jack

Jack – 11 months!

Our little Bear is 11 months old!!!


This post is coming a little late since we’ve been battling a horrible virus around here. It had Jack down for almost 2 weeks and Preston down for about a week–with a nasty case of pink eye that came his first day back to school after he was feeling better.


Jack is 25.6 pounds. He lost a pound from being sick because last month he was 26 pounds. He is pretty darn short, too! We always though Preston was short (he’s actually caught up now though) when he was young and Jack is a few inches shorter than Preston was at this time. 🙂


Jack is so good at standing on his own. He will take about 6 steps every now and then, but only does it on occasion. He prefers to power crawl around the house. He still loves tearing everything out of the cupboards and tossing it all around! We like to call him ‘Bear the Destroyer’. Preston isn’t a fan when Bear the Destroyer comes around to knock his towers, buildings, train tracks, etc over.


Jack is such a sweet boy. He’s very smiley and talkative with his little baby babble! We always get so many compliments about his smile when we are out and about. He can say Dada, Mama, and hello. He loves taking my cell phone and then pretends to answer it. It’s so adorable.


Jack is an amazing sleeper at night. He is in bed by 6pm and he will wake up anywhere from 5am-6:30am. It all depends, usually when he wakes up early its because he’s soaked through his size 6 nighttime diapers or because he pooped. (Seriously, what’s a Mom to do when she can’t find a diaper big enough?!)


Chad and I feel really lucky because with Jack being in bed by 6pm and Preston being in bed at 6:30pm–we have our evenings to ourselves! It’s pretty nice! Lately we’ve been binge watching Stranger Things at night!! It definitely makes the dinner hour crazy though. It’s a rush from about 5-5:30 to get the boys fed, cleaned up, changed for bed, etc! We usually take Jack upstairs about 5:40 to start his little bedtime routine.


Jack only takes one nap a day. Nothing new there! haha! He usually will nap from about 10am. It will last anywhere from 1.5-3 hours. The days his nap is short, he falls of a cliff for bed about 5:30pm. I really don’t mind that he doesn’t nap much, Preston just recently gave up his nap so it’s not like I get any alone time anyway!!


I can’t bare to take Jack out of his infant carseat. Thankfully he hasn’t hit the 30b threshold. It is a pain to lug around, especially at 25 weeks pregnant, but he sleeps SO well in it!! Its perfect for running errands, taking Preston to and from school, etc. I just recently got his convertible carseat but I keep dragging my feet about installing it into the car.


We like to refer to Jack as our bottomless pit. I swear he eats more than Preston these days! He’s always enjoying new foods and does the cutest little nose wrinkle snort thing when he wants more! haha. He loves sauerkraut, spinach artichoke dip, blueberries, and cheese. Those are a few of his favorite things! {{pictured below, the blue paint he snatched off the counter in the 30 seconds that I wasn’t looking. I don’t think he ate much, the lady at Poison Control was very reassuring! 😛 )


It’s so hard to believe that Bear is going to be a big brother in 3 months!! I can’t even believe it!!! Sometimes I wonder if we are crazy, but honestly, we can’t wait to add another one to the bunch!


It really helps that Preston is THE BEST big brother ever. He is so good at watching Jack, playing with him, he even hits Jack on the back if he’s choking on a bit of food. He is also awesome at making sure Jack doesn’t get into anything that he shouldn’t be. I don’t know what I would do without Preston around. He’s such a sweet little 3 year old.


Teaching Jack how to balance on one foot!


Well, I think thats about it for our little guy. We just love him so much and enjoy watching him grow!





And one last photo! Preston and Jack side by side at 11 months! Preston may look bigger, but he was 3 pounds less!!


….until next time! ❤ xoxo

Fall is a good time for decorating!

We’ve been in our house for almost a year and I finally finished our sitting room and our fireplace mantle! I seriously can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get to it! It’s hard with two little ones around. Plus my favorite local furniture shop is 5 hours away, so shopping there is always a bit of a challenge! Thank goodness for delivery 🙂

With moving every 3-4 years (it seems) I try to find pieces that will work in a variety of houses and layouts. I really don’t want to buy things that will only work for our current house. I enjoy spending the money on quality, well made items. I even try to go for made in the USA!

Here is a photo of our dining room (taken from the sitting room)


I actually got the dining room table and chairs when we first moved in because I was hosting Christmas and needed a larger table! The table, chairs, and rug are all from Crate & Barrel. I do love Crate & Barrel 🙂

Our sitting room furniture is from a variety of places, including my favorite place, ByDesign. It’s located in good ole Iowa! I sure to miss living close by!!


Finally finishing the sitting room was such an awesome feeling! It’s right at the front of our house so it’s very warm and inviting now. Chad and I love sitting out here to drink our coffee on the weekends. I can’t wait to enjoy a nice big ole glass of wine on that big comfy couch once I pop this babe out!! 🙂

Right now I’ve got the sitting room all decked out for fall. I can’t wait to sprinkle it with a little Christmas decor in a few weeks!! ❤

Last but not least, our fireplace mantle. You guys, can you image staring at a huge (like 9′) empty mantle for a year?! Every day I fantasied about what I wanted up there! I’m happy to say it came together nicely.


Our fireplace is located in the living room. This is where the boys play, where our tv is at, and our big comfy sectional. All of our living room furniture is from ByDesign as well. I don’t have a picture of it in this house, but I had it all in our last house.

It’s felt so nice getting some loose ends tied up around here. My next project is the decorating the new nursery!!

Wel, that’s about all for now! Just wanted to share the progress. 🙂

{{ we seem to move so much, I love having documented photos of each home for the memories it’ll bring }}

…until next time! xoxo ❤

Halloween 2017

So far it’s been a great Fall!

*minus the sickness*


Last night Jack celebrated his first Halloween!


We went out trick or treating for a little bit, but both of the boys were sick, so we just went to a couple neighbors and that was it.


This year Preston wanted to be a ghost like in his Clifford (the big red dog) books. He said we needed to find a really big kleenex for him to wear!! (that is what puppy clifford wore when he was so tiny). It was too cute! He wanted Chad to be a ghost with him. So we whipped up a few the old fashioned way. haha! Never again though! It was a struggle for us to get Preston to wear it because he felt like he couldn’t see very well. From now on, we’ll know he needs to have something that does NOT cover his face! Lesson learned 🙂


We wanted Jack to be a Bear since that is his nickname. I found an adorable Panda costume at Pottery Barn Kids! So Jack got to be a panda bear!! Preston wanted me to be a panda with Jack, so I found a cute panda hat to wear. haha!







My family came to town so we did the Trick or Treating on main street the weekend prior to halloween.




Haha. Our typical life below 🙂


a little side profile for the growing bump. #18weeks4dayspregnant

(the only side profile pic was blurry 😦  )


Well, that’s all for now!

{{Hoping the sickness passes soon. Preston hasn’t been getting any better and Jack is getting worse. SAVE ME! It’s been hard for me because Chad goes to work before the boys wake up and isn’t home until after they are in bed usually. So with them being sick and extra needy, it’s been very tiring and a lot of work! Jack threw up all over him, me, the rocking chair, and the floor as I was trying to put him to bed last night. This morning he threw up all over his carseat. So a lot of cleaning and laundry for me!!}}

…until next time! xoxo ❤


Jack – 10 months!

It’s hard to believe our little Jack is 10 months old already!! He’s been changing daily. It’s crazy to watch the things he learns and discovers daily.


He has started clapping which is totally adorable. Everytime I say ‘yay’ he claps. haha! {Pavlov’s dog anyone?!} He is a crawling machine!!! He is all over the place. He’s a speed crawler and can catch up with me, even when I don’t want him too! haha. He’s been crawling for over a month now, so I supposed it’s okay he’s all over the place 😉


Speaking of being all over the place, he is into everything!! Literally, a clean house? what is that?! Everywhere I turn he is into cupboards taking everything out and scattering it all over the house. It wouldn’t be a day if there weren’t plastic cups, plates, pantry items, paper towel rolls, etc, all over the house! Thankfully, when we moved, I knew to put anything and everything that wasn’t breakable on the lower shelves.


The entire house is baby proofed, except we still need to put locks on the few bathroom cupboards that are within his reach. We’ve even anchored all the tall furniture to the walls. With Preston we never had to worry about that because he never tried to climb anything! Jack pulls himself up on anything and everything!! He also likes to pull drawers out and he’s super strong! He even pushed down our baby gate. We are going to have to screw it to the wall soon enough!


Jack loves Preston. He could follow him around and play with him all day. He lets Preston feed him and give him bottles! It is so sweet the bond that they have already.


At night Jack has started sleeping through the night again! Yay! He sleeps from 6:30pm – 5:30 am every night. He still likes nursing in the morning and a couple times throughout the day, but he has started to self wean a bit. {{yes, still making milk while pregnant! ❤ our bodies are amazing!}} He much prefers drinking out of a bottle these days. It’s nice for the freedom, but it’s a little bittersweet. Preston was no where near done nursing at 10 months.


Jack has turned into a bottomless pit when it comes to eating! He loves eating. He is such a good eater too. He will eat anything we serve him. It’s so nice, Preston was the same way when he was young. Preston still has a very broad palate! Thanks to Chad, he eats anything and everything healthful and unique, so the boys get a lot of exposure at a young age.


Last month was a little rough for Jack in that he was teething and wanted to be held and carried around all over the place!! Within the last week or 2 he has started becoming more independent! For example, its noon and he has been playing with Preston since he (Preston) woke up this morning at 7:15am. Well, besides stopping to eat every once in awhile, and taking an hour long nap.


Napping had been going well for Jack for a few weeks. He was taking anywhere from a 1 -3 hour nap in the mornings around 9am. Afternoon naps were a little more hit or miss. Some days he would take one and some days he won’t. They were never longer than an hour either. Hence why he was ready to pass out by 6:30pm! However, within the last week Jack has gone down to one nap a day! He will go down around noon and sleep for an hour. Sometimes longer, but not by much!! So he is ready for bed by 6pm now. The last few nights he’s been asleep by 6pm. He still sleeps well though. He will sleep until about 5:30 or 6 am. I would love to have him go to bed later *hoping* he would sleep in a little later, but I must admit, I love having the boys in bed so early! Both boys are in bed by 7pm. Having our evenings free is so nice, yes, it’s a rush around with dinner and bedtime routine, but with Chad and I tag teaming the boys, it’s pretty painless. That gives us the evenings to clean, chat, or watch an ‘adult’ show, aka anything scarier than Toy Story. haha.


He is so close to walking!! I bet he will be walking within the week!! He has taken a few steps. He likes to push around a kitchen chair to walk or he will push his little red wagon.


He also celebrated his first Halloween yesterday!! I’ll have to do a post about it, but here is a little sneak peek of our Panda Bear!!


^^oh yeah! he has been chewing on his upper lip. I think he’s cutting his top teeth right now. Poor guy!!


He love looking down vents and feeling the heat blow up at him!! It’s too cute!!


Both of the boys have been sick for about a week now! It has been horrible!! I’m finally experiencing my first sickness that has consumed both of my boys! It’s hard because they are both tired and cranky and want to be snuggled all the time. They have stuffy noses, deep coughs, and sore throats! Poor buddies!! I’m hoping they will get over it soon enough!! I’ve been cleaning all morning.

Below is Jack and Preston at 10 months!!


Well that may be all for now!! …until next time! xoxo ❤