Vegetable Fritattas

Fritattas are so easy to make and they are so delicious.  You can serve a Fritatta for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

AND they make great leftovers!! 🙂

Fritattas with Salsa


1 medium Onion

1 Red Pepper

1 Green Peppers

2 Jalepenos

6 Mushrooms

3 cups Spinach

4 Eggs

2 Tbsp almond milk (or whichever milk you prefer)

4 cloves garlic, minced

Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Spices (I like to season with paprika, salt, pepper, and chili pepper)

1 Tbsp Butter (for the pan)

Salsa (for topping)

Sauté pan or griddle

Note: I LOVE adding eggplant (diced), parsnips (diced), kale (chopped), and other seasonal vegetables that we didn’t have in our fridge at the moment! 🙂

First, you’ll want to cut all of your vegetables. I don’t like to cut them too small because I think it’s easier to eat when they are cut into small strips.

Once you’ve got all of your vegetables cut, add 1 Tbsp butter to griddle (or a sauté pan works fine as well) over medium heat.


Once the butter is melted and the pan warms up, add your onions, peppers, and mushrooms.

Cover pan and let the vegetables cook down, stirring occasionally.

Beat 4 eggs, 2 Tbsp milk, and dash of Salt & Pepper into a bowl. Set aside.

Return to your griddle/sauté pan. If the peppers and onions look like they’ve started to cook down, add Spinach and Garlic.

The spinach will not take long to cook down. Stir it around a bit and it should look like this:
cooked vegetables

Once the spinach has wilted, add your scrambled egg mixture.
cooked vegetables

Once you’ve added the eggs to your griddle/sauté pan, cover pan and let cook over medium heat.
vegetables with eggs

After the eggs have cooked for about 5 minutes, top with shredded cheddar cheese and cover.
vegetables, eggs, and cheese

Continue to let the eggs cook all the way through, (about 10 minutes) and voila you’ve got yourself a meal!!

Look at that cheesy goodness!!!
Cheesy Vegetable Fritattas

Lastly, Top with Salsa and enjoy 🙂
Fritattas with Salsa

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do!!

Eat well. Be well.

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