Easy DIY Marble Coasters

For the last couple of years we’ve been doing heartfelt & handmade Christmas gifts with my husband’s side of the family. I wanted to do something cute. Something that they will be able to use over and over again. After much debate, I decided to make handmade coasters. I didn’t realize how addicting fun it would be!! I ended up going out and buying more supplies so I could make some for myself as well. 🙂

Like I said, it’s super easy!!

This is what you need:



Foam Brushes

Marble Tiles

Rub-on decals




& Super Glue (if your cork doesn’t have adhesive on the back)

The first thing I did was wash each marble coaster. When you feel them, you’ll know why. There is a layer of marble dusting on them! I just took a damp rag and wiped each tile down. Afterwards, I made sure to let them dry before applying the rub-on decals.


Once the tiles have completely dried, you can apply the rub-ons. The rub-ons that I bought at Hobby Lobby came with a neat little pen to use–but I also noticed that a popsicle stick worked well, too.


Place the rub-on where you want it on the tile. Rub until the entire decal has transferred. You can always peek up the corner to see. Once it’s fully transferred, pull up the plastic and reveal your work!


After getting the decals transferred to the tiles, it’s time to bake them! I placed the tiles in the oven for 10 minutes at 350 degrees. This step probably isn’t necessary, but I wanted to make sure the decals were going to last.


Once you’ve removed the tiles from the oven, place them aside to cool. It’s surprising how hot they actually get!!

Once the tiles have finished cooling, you can apply the coating of Polyurethane with a foam brush. I did one coat to each tile and then applied a second coat once the first coat was completely dry.


After the tiles have dried (I let them set overnight) you’re ready to apply the corking to the backside. I was lucky to find cork with the adhesive backing, which made this last step super easy. (If you can’t find this type of cork–super glue does the trick as well).

Just make sure to cut the cork a little smaller than the size of the tile.


And now you’ve just made easiest, cutest, most fail-proof gift of all time. 🙂



Good Luck!! 🙂