Mother’s Day 2014

I was able to celebrate my first Mother’s Day yesterday with My hubby, Preston, and my parents.  We are so happy to live close to  home so we can spend occasions like these, with the ones we love.


Being a Mother has been so rewarding!! I’m so blessed to have Preston as my son. He’s such a ray of sunshine!!


Now don’t get my wrong, those first few weeks of motherhood were rough. They were probably the roughest weeks I’ve experienced… #firsttimemotherprobs! I was sleep deprived, therefore; cranky, and trying to tackle this whole breastfeeding thing.  I was still trying to decipher the difference in Preston’s cries (which I eventually figured out they were mostly hunger pains). By day three I’d noticed Preston had only had one bowl movement. And according to the hospital, he was supposed to have three–since he was three days old. I called my sister in law, Holly, to see what to do. She told me he probably wasn’t getting enough to eat and asked if my milk had come in. It hadn’t. She told me to supplement with some formula for the night. Chad mixed up a bottle of formula, gave it to Preston, and he downed the whole bottle! He slept so well that night and had his two additional bowel movements. The poor guy must have been starving! 😦 Thankfully, my milk came in the next day and we didn’t have to supplement again (but don’t get me wrong, I would have if I needed to).  Those first few weeks Preston was as so tiny and fragile, and always cold–especially during diaper changes. He was always grunting from gas pains (praise The Lord for probiotics!). I was hormonal (okay, let’s be frank, that’s a bit of an understatement–my hormones were off the chart!!), I wanted everything to be perfect! I even snapped at my family for doing things differently than I would–I wanted everything done my way since I was his Mommy.

You get the point. It was rough.

I was so thankful for my husband for helping with diaper changes throughout the night. We eventually got the hang of this whole parenting thing, and everything soon became second nature. We make a pretty good team!

After a couple weeks, I was finally brave enough to give Preston a bath by myself, I was confident to spend the days home alone with him, and I even made it through the whole night when Preston was about 2 weeks old and Chad was on a business trip. There were some tears, but we got through it!

Through it all, I was so in love with this little boy. ❤

Things have only gotten better and easier. By the time Preston was 4 weeks old, things were going really well!!

I cherish every day home with him. I am so grateful to be able to stay home with him during the day. He is SUCH a good baby. I love all of the bonding, smiles, and giggles that we share. Everyday he becomes so much more aware of his surroundings. It’s so amazing to see how much he changes on a day to day basis.


I never realized how rewarding Motherhood could be! It has been the best experience of my life and I wouldn’t change it for anything!!


Celebrating Mother’s day this year was different than all the others in the past. Not only was I celebrating my Mom, but I was also celebrating being Preston’s Mom. Something that I will continue to celebrate on a day to day basis. I am beyond blessed!

My husband sure spoiled me this Mother’s Day. He bought me a custom made Amethyst ring from a local shop on Main Street. Amethyst is Preston’s birthstone and I will cherish this ring forever. Every time I look down at this ring I think of all the joy Preston has brought to our lives.


My parents gave me these adorable blocks for Preston’s Nursery.


I love this little boy with all my heart!! ❤


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