Preston – 3 months

I can’t believe our little pumpkin is 3 monhs old already!!

What a little joy he is to have around. He’s always being so sweet and cuddly. I’m sure going to miss that when he becomes mobile! 🙂



Our little guy just got his first pair of sunglasses since we are going on vacation soon. I had a little photoshoot with him yesterday because if it.


He was just too cute. I couldn’t help myself!!


I really don’t think he minded them either!! 😛


Preston is 14.6 lbs and 23.5 inches long! He loves going on walks and playing his piano with his feet.


Chad and I have been calling him ‘Punky’ because he’s such a cute little punk with a cute little ‘punk’ nose. He loves when we sing ‘Little Punky Foo Foo’  {Little Bunny Foo Foo} and ‘Punky Beluga’  {Baby Beluga} to him. I think it’s because they both have his name in them!!


i had to get a picture of him in his fleece jammies to show that it was so cold yesterday {for being May 19th and all!}

Preston loves being held by Mom.


It’s just crazy to see how much he has changed. I did a little side by side comparison of his last few months of life.

I don’t even recognize the tiny little boy he used to be. He’s a handsome little chunker! 😉 {Who loves to eat, I might add}


I’m getting a little nervous to fly on a plane with our little Punky. I hope he enjoys it and that it doesn’t bother his ears–but i’m sure excited for him to be reunited with his aunties in Texas. I think he misses them. You can tell I’m a new Mom because i’ve never procrastinated so much in my life!! Usually, i’m on the ball with upcoming events (hence, i used to be an event planner), but this time around i haven’t done anything and vacation is rapidly approaching!!

…until next time!! Xoxo

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