Preston – 5 months

Preston celebrated his 5 month birthday this weekend by attending a Tough Mudder event this weekend.


He was SO good the whole time. I was so very proud of our little peanut. He didn’t cry the whole weekend and was such a trooper staying up past his bedtime, napping in the car or his stroller, and staying outside for about 5 hours while we watch Chad participate in #toughmudderMSP.


It was a great way to celebrate his 5 months of life.


We had to do his mini 5 month photo shoot a few days early so I wouldn’t have to worry about it while we were gone!


Preston is getting so big!! He weighs about 19.4 lbs and is already wearing 12 month clothes.


He loves people, rolling over, grabbing his toes and sucking on them, too!


He loves when you blow raspberries on his tummy, grabbing items with both hands, and chewing on everything in sight!!

{he has recently become obsessed with his binky, too!}


He has one tooth poking through on the bottom and about 3 more teeth about ready to break through the skin.

He can sit on his own for a few minutes and loves talking to Bentley.

He is our favorite part of everyday!!


Oh and everyone, I mean everyone, comments on how happy he is!!  We were blessed with a very happy baby.


He is always smiling, talking, and laughing. ((as long as he gets his nap anyway!!)) He’s still sleeping about 11 hours at night.


Preston was able to go on his first swim this weekend! When we finally checked into our hotel on Friday we decided to take a dip. We walked over to Target and purchased some swimwear (we forgot ours!) and took a nice long soak in the pool.


He really enjoyed it.


I can only hope he decides to become a swimmer someday! (like is Mom. His Dad failed guppy class a youngin’! haha)


The last month has been so great!! This is definitely my favorite time. ( I think I say that every month!!)


…Until next time. xoxo


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