Things I’ve learned from being a SAHM

Being a stay at home mom is a hard job. Now that I’ve been a SAHM for 6 months now, I’ve said goodbye to peaceful showers, uninterrupted lunchtimes, sleeping in, ‘sick days’, and running ‘quick’ errands. There is no such thing as a quick errand when u have to pack a diaper bag, feed, change, burp, and load up a baby…. not to mention, lugging around a 22 lb infant! What used to be simple tasks now take at least an hour to complete, if not more! However, I have learned to prioritize. I know that during nap time I can either (A.) take a nap (B.) clean (C.) do laundry (D.) shower (E.) do yard work (F.) play with the dog (G.) write a blog post… And the list goes on!

I don’t get nearly as much time to myself as I  used to. I don’t get to clock out for lunch or at 5pm to spend the rest of the night ‘relaxing’ with my family–my job never ends. I have an infant that is nearly attached to me. When I do go out, I can’t be gone for longer than 2.5 – 3 hours. I never went back to work, therefore, my baby won’t take a bottle.

He’s a boy who needs his Mama.

A boy who does not like to fall asleep anywhere but in his Mama’s arms.

A boy who wants Mama cuddles when he’s teething.

A boy who cries out for his Mama when he’s had a bad dream.

A boy who just LOVES his Mama. 

Being a stay at home Mom is a hard job…but an oh-so-very-rewarding-job!! I wouldn’t trade these moments for anything.

I love reaping the many benefits to staying at home:

I have a boy who needs his Mama.

A boy who does not like to fall asleep anywhere but in his Mama’s arms.

A boy who wants Mama cuddles when he’s teething.

A boy who cries out for his Mama when he has a bad dream.

A boy who just LOVES his Mama. 

See the trend? 😛

I get to be there to experience all of his ‘firsts’. The first time he smiled, the first time he laughed, the first time he rolled over, the first time he pet our dog, the first time he played in the grass, the oh-so-many-firsts every child experiences. I get to be there for him ALL. THE. TIME.

Are there days I don’t know what ‘silence’ means? yes.

Are there days I count down the time until my Hubby is home? yes.

Are there days I go shopping  (with my babe in tow) just to get out of the house? yes.

Have I become an awesome multi-tasker? yes. (cut veggies, tickle baby. dust wine rack, make silly face. fold laundry, change dirty dipe. shampoo hair, play peek-a-boo with the shower door. you get the point.)

Are there days I regret choosing to stay home? NO.


Preston and I have gotten SO great at tackling everyday! We have our daily routines. I think our routines keep us both sane. 🙂 We have playtime, nap time, we take walks, go to the gym, play with the dog, go to the farmers market, get groceries…speaking of getting groceries, I can’t even remember that last time I drove to the grocery store. I have the luxury of walking to the grocery store, it makes life so much easier loading Preston {and the groceries} into the stroller, rather than having to worry about loading and unloading the car!

I look forward to every day with my boy! …even though some days–cocktail hour can’t come soon enough! 😛


{{{We really just need a shout-out to all Mom’s in general. It’s the hardest MOST REWARDING job. ever.}}}

Preston – 6 months!

Our little monkey is 6 months old today! I can’t hardly believe it. Time is just flying by!


Preston is such a big boy these days.

He loves sitting up while he plays with his toys! ..and he’s obsessed with balls. He can even hold two at a time! 🙂


Well, actually, now that he is so good at sitting up, he loves to do it ALL THE TIME!!


He has two teeth on the bottom of his mouth!


He LOVES eating sweet potatoes. I’ve only been giving him solids once per day. I’m going to start doing it twice a day now.


He also likes to ‘try’ to feed himself. it’s pretty darn cute!


When we go shopping these days, he prefers for me to wear him, rather than riding in the stroller! {can ya blame him?!}


He loves to stand. {with help, of course!}


He absolutely LOVES his dog, Bentley!!


Dad still does a good job hanging out with Punky before he heads to work, that way I get a little ‘me time’ after his first feeding.


Preston WILL NOT take a bottle! But we’ve been practicing.


We just recently bought him an amber teething necklace. We’ve only had it for a week, but i think it’s helping!


He still enjoys bath time. {but i think he really just enjoys being naked! but don’t we all?! :P}


He also loves playing the piano with his hands. it’s part of our morning routine!


His legs keep getting chubbier!! ((don’t you just hate when your pants in caught in your leg rolls?! 😉 ))


Preston has been up to so many things lately. It’s crazy how much he’s developing and changing on a day to day basis. He loves to laugh and giggle. He is such a talker. He’s always talking and gibber gabbering to himself or whoever is around. He LOVES being held. He has had some teething pain. I hate when he’s in pain. I think the teething necklace is helping. Within the last 2 weeks, he has gotten up a few times at night from the pain. He doesn’t even wake up, just cries in his sleep. I always go in there and hold him until he stops crying. It usually doesn’t take very long though! Lately, he’s been getting scared easily. Loud noises, strange noises, me blowing my nose, anything startling. It makes me sad to see… But I know he’s just becoming more aware if his surroundings and developing a personality! A little snuggle and humming from Mom calms him down.

He also loves going to the nursery at the gym! They tell me that he’s the best baby and he’s one of their favorites!! 🙂 that’s always so great to hear!!!! i love my little pumpkin!!!

He’s a Mama’s boy for sure!!


and he’s just cute as a little button!!!


It’s hard to believe how much our little Punky has changed! He weighs 20.2 lbs and is about 27 inches long!


He’s always fascinated by the world around him!! {{contrary to what you might think, this picture was REALLY hard to capture}}


Happy half birthday, Punky!!!! We love you!!!


Mini Vacay on the Mississippi

This weekend we went on a mini vacation to Northeast Iowa. Not only was it Preston’s first time in the area, but it was Chad’s first time as well!

We left early friday morning and took our time driving there.


We stopped in Waterloo for breakfast with my parents.


We ate at Morg’s and it was delicious!! We got so much food and it was very moderately priced.

The pancakes were bigger than our faces!


There was a little lady at breakfast that just couldn’t handle how cute Preston was! She just had to hold him!! It was so sweet!!


After breakfast we went to Devils Backbone to hike around a little bit. Chad had never been there so it was fun to show him.


Preston seemed to have fun, too!


Once we arrived in McGregor, we checked into our hotel and drove around the town a little bit. Our hotel was right on the Mississippi River. It was perfect!

We decided it was time for lunch, so we headed over to Prairie Du Chen, Wisconsin for some Pete’s Burgers.


Then we stopped at the liquor store for beer and cheese.


We went down to the River to eat our lunch and to enjoy a brew.


After that we decided it was time to head to Pikes Peak so we could be back to our hotel at a decent time!

So, we finished up our beer in order to be to our hotel for cocktail hour. hahaha!


Pikes Peak had a nice look out to see over all the towns in the area!


We walked on the trails for a little while also.


We headed back to McGregor and stopped at a little Deli on the main street. We bought some wine and some items to dip into our hummus!

When we arrived back to our hotel, we sat on our deck to enjoy the nice view of the water.

Once cocktail hour was over, we headed to a local restaurant for dinner.

{{Preston’s first time in a highchair!}}


By this time, Preston had realized it was his bedtime (7pm), luckily we had his stroller and he fell asleep in there while we ate.

After dinner was over we headed back to the hotel.

The next day we got up and enjoyed our morning sitting on the deck of our hotel.


After that we walked to a local coffee shop and then hit up some shops on main street.


By the time we were done with that, it was time to hit the road!

Chad was supposed to be a golf caddy for his Dad that afternoon and my parents had a wedding to attend.

It was a short and sweet trip, but it was about the perfect length!


…especially when traveling with a baby!


…until next time!


4th of July

We celebrated our first 4th of July with Preston in our own town. It was a blast! We had so much fun.


We used to make an annual trip to Denver over the 4th, but this year we were able to take part in all of the festivities that were going on here.

We kicked off our day by running 5K ((5k on the 4th)). We woke up early and registered that morning. Preston was able to ‘run’ with us!


Chad got third place in his age group. He was also first stroller to cross the line!!


Meaning, Preston got first place in his age group! woohoo!!


This was my first 5K ever. I also hadn’t gone on a run in a LONG time–since before I got pregnant!

I had a simple goal:

Finish in under 30 minutes AND beat the Grandma old lady running next to me. HA HA.


I finished in 29 minutes and 29 seconds.  AND I beat Granny!


It was such a fun morning!!

After Chad and Preston got their ‘medals’, we went home to feed Preston and then headed downtown to partake in all of the festivities!


We were able to eat lunch at the food vendors. AND Preston sat on his first cow 😉


We listened to the bands playing…


We stopped and got some coffee at a local coffee shop and watched the parade!

After that we stopped at a wine bar for a little treat.

Preston was so good the whole day! It was definitely a memorable 4th of July!


If you can’t tell, we LOVE our new little bigger town!

Until next time… xoxo

Introducing Solids!

After Preston’s 4 month well-baby check. His pediatrician recommended that we start him on solid food (oatmeal and rice cereal) to start to ‘learn’ how to eat. I was a little hesitant to start at 4 months, but I’m really glad we did!

On June 25, 2014 we gave Preston solids for the first time. We started with oatmeal. He as NOT a fan. He would take a few little nibs and then quit. I figured it was just because he  wasn’t used to eating anything other than milk!


We eventually gave him some pureed carrots and squash. He enjoyed the squash a lot better than the carrots!

When I finally decided to give him some sweet potatoes, he was in love! It was so crazy.


He kept grabbing my hand for more!!

Eventually he started grabbing the spoon, so we did let him try to feed himself a few times.

Let’s just say our boy loves to eat! 😛