Introducing Solids!

After Preston’s 4 month well-baby check. His pediatrician recommended that we start him on solid food (oatmeal and rice cereal) to start to ‘learn’ how to eat. I was a little hesitant to start at 4 months, but I’m really glad we did!

On June 25, 2014 we gave Preston solids for the first time. We started with oatmeal. He as NOT a fan. He would take a few little nibs and then quit. I figured it was just because he  wasn’t used to eating anything other than milk!


We eventually gave him some pureed carrots and squash. He enjoyed the squash a lot better than the carrots!

When I finally decided to give him some sweet potatoes, he was in love! It was so crazy.


He kept grabbing my hand for more!!

Eventually he started grabbing the spoon, so we did let him try to feed himself a few times.

Let’s just say our boy loves to eat! 😛

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