Preston – On the move!

I have been wanting to do an ‘ in between’ post for Preston. The day after his 8 month post, he did so many things!! I realized he started sitting up REALLY WELL on his own… From a laying down or crawling position.


He also started pulling himself up on anything and everything. He’s become a much faster crawler so I’m constantly chasing him around the house. I finally ordered a baby gate that will be here tomorrow! I can’t wait to get it installed. He has been putting himself to sleep lately. Which is so nice, but I do miss the cuddles! Usually when he wakes up, I find him sitting up in his crib playing with his stuffed animals. He’s getting better at balancing to stand up and loves walking around the whole house, with help! He has started raising his arms when he wants to be held. He will crawl over to me and sit at my feet and say Mama when he wants me. When I hold him he’s started ‘hanging on’, no more limp, dead weight baby! It really makes carrying him a lot easier because he seems lighter when he holds on!! He has also started taking milk from a sippy!!! Finally! Chad will get up with him in the morning and give him a sippy of milk. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time!


Granted, I still have to feed him right when he sees me in the morning… But it’s progress!!! He’s the sweetest little boy. We love him to pieces. He’s developing such a personality.  We are excited for his first Halloween experience on Friday!!


…until next time!! Xoxo

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