Preston turns ONE!

It has officially been ONE YEAR since I gave birth to our precious baby boy. The time has flown by and I can still remember this day like it was yesterday! I had no idea I was in labor. I just thought I was having horrible cramping, until Chad sleepily asked if i had been timing them. Timing what?! That’s when it clicked that they could actually be contractions, and this could be the real deal, even though I hadn’t even hit my EDD yet!


{{You can read my whole labor and delivery story here.}}


Fast forward to 12:51 pm when we welcomed our adorable, squishy baby boy into our arms for the FIRST TIME EVER!! It was unreal. A feeling that I could never ever describe accurately to anyone who hasn’t been there before. We had no idea what the whole next year would entail. We never knew we could love so much, enjoy so much, smile, and laugh so much!!  Preston is the cutest little thing we’ve ever made together. 😉


Today Preston is one.


I am going to enjoy every minute of his first birthday, and today, at 12:51 pm, I will probably have Chad hand Preston to me, like the doctor did on this day last year. Just so I can relive all the AMAZING emotions that flooded my body in that moment. OKAY, MAYBE NOT!! lol. But you get the point!! I will, however, sing Happy Birthday to him right at 12:51pm though. 🙂


He has been up to so much these days, and into everything! I mean, everything!! He has actually figured out how to open the cupboards WITH CHILD PROOF LOCKS ON THEM. REALLY?! How does that even happen!? He’s pretty smart. That’s my only explanation. 😉


Preston has started walking recently. He took his first 9 steps all by himself on January 20th. He would walk about once a week for almost a month–and then was over it. On February 12th he finally started walking on a regular basis. Granted, crawling still gets him there faster, so he will speed crawl when, for example, he hears the dishwasher open. 🙂 Other than that, he does try to walk as much as possible. Slow and steady wins the race..and he’s winning, baby!!


Our boy is 23 lbs and about 30 inches long. He has 7 teeth! He loves clapping, dancing, giving high fives, waving, and playing with Bentley. He can say Dada, Mama, Dog, There (which sounds more like dere), no, ow, and Hot. Hot is his new favorite word. I always say ‘Hot’ when he is near the fireplace and now every time he comes somewhat close to the fireplace he looks at me and says ‘hot’. It’s adorable. He has actually associated ‘hot’ with ‘danger’. I always prop open the baby gate when Preston is napping so that Bentley can get down to his food and water. Right after Preston’s nap, I’ll bring him out into the living room and he will point at the gate (when it’s still open) and say ‘hot’.  He’s such a smarty!!


Preston has been to his swimming class twice so far. His teacher said he’s a natural. He was constantly moving his arms and kicking his legs like a little fishy!! I’m holding out hope he’ll be a swimmer some day. 🙂


Preston still loves eating! Some of his favorites are chicken (and actually any other form of meat…even liver! lol), pancakes, apples, grapes, bananas, noodles, cooked carrots, frozen peas, yogurt, oatmeal, and veggies straws. We just gave him a little bit of juice, diluted with water, for the first time when he was sick, so he would stay hydrated. Thankfully, he didn’t love it. I was a little worried he would become addicted to sugary juices.


Speaking of being sick. Preston had his first big sickness the beginning of this month.


He had influenza A and was sick for almost 7 days. He didn’t eat any solid foods, barely drank water, and would drink a little milk. He was only making one wet diaper a day and all he wanted to do was snuggle and sleep. He had a fever for 5 days straight. When it got above 102 we gave him tylenol to help. It was sad to see our little boy so sick. Thankfully he got over it and now he’s back to his normal self!!


Tonight we are going to celebrate Preston’s first year of life with some family, food, and cupcakes! ❤


I think we will also celebrate that Chad and I survived our first year of parenthood!! WOOHOO! We did it!! Go Us!


I’m so glad i took these monthly photos!!


…until next time! xoxo ❤