Summer summertime!

It’s June! And it’s summertime. What a wonderful summer it’s been so far. With Preston at such a perfect age for playing outside, it’s really made our days at home fun! He loves piddle putting around; splashing in water, jumping in puddles, scooping up dirt, lining up rocks.. You name it! If it’ll get him dirty and make a mess, he will love it!!

We we just recently got back from a vacation in Seattle. It was such a fun vacation with family! Preston especially loved playing with his cousin, Noble. They it are the best of buds!! Preston can actually say noble now! Even though it sounds more like No-dle. It’s super cute!!!!

Before seattle, chad and I were able to take a mini vacay to Galveston without Preston. My sister graduated from Med school! She is officially a doctor!! Woohoo! But the trip was such a good way for chad and I to reconnect and recharge!

I havent posted in awhile and right now I’m trapped under a feverish little boy who just want to snuggle! I thought it was a good time for a little update!

…until next time! Xoxo 💋