Little boy Punk

Preston has been surprising me a lot lately. He’s such a sweet boy. Here are a couple cute things he’s done that I just can’t stop grinning about!!!

First, last night he was walking up the stairs with his milk. When he got to the top he spilled a dab on the wood floor. (He didn’t even know I was watching) he went into the kitchen, grabbed a towel and wiped up the spilled milk and brought the towel back to the kitchen. Seriously?! What 1.5 going on 2 year old does that?? Without prompting??? I was so impressed with our little guy. Not to mention he always finds a coaster when he sets his drink down! #justlikemama

The next cute thing he did. He is not supposed to eat in the living room. Today he got his step stool, pulled it over toward the tv (but not in the living room) and sat there to eat his apple for breakfast.


Preston has started repeating every word you say! He’s become quite the talker. He says ‘mama pease’ which melts my heart and says ‘no mama’ when he doesn’t want to do something! Lol!!

He has also become very vocal about what he wears everyday. Which is usually his Jammies. Elmo, Thomas the Train (eeee), or Monkey!

There are so many other adorable things, but we’ve got errands to run in our sock monkey jammies!! Lol

…until next time. Xoxo


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