I wuv you!

‘I wuv you, mommy!’

today has been quite the day for us. This morning Preston told me he loved me for the first time!! He used to say ‘I wu’ for ‘I love you’, but today he said,’I wuv you!’. It was sooo sweet and melted this mamas heart!


This afternoon Preston learned how to catch a small bouncy ball! We praticed for a long time!! So a big day mentally and physically!!


after his nap today he woke up with a fever of 102.2 so we’ve been snuggling on the couch watching 101 Dalmatians! a new fave. I know he’s sick when he doesn’t want to eat. Poor thing hasn’t eaten anything since breakfast.


ive been enjoying the snuggles and the simplicity of cuddling by the fire on this sub zero day.


Prayers that the morning will bring a healthy baby!!


…. Until next time! Xoxo

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