Snow Day!!

We’ve been enjoying this #snowday so much! We made smoothies with breakfast and went outside to frolic in the snow!


We did a little shoveling and built a nice big fort!! #fortpunk


It’s pretty hard to see with all the white. but it’s there!


We tried building a snowman, but Bentley had the neighbor dog over to play, and they kept eating our snowballs. Pretty soon it just turned into a snowball fight. Punk and me against the dogs.


Preston is a little snow bunny!! He didn’t want to come inside!!


When we got back inside we ate lunch and baked some sweet potato chips for dessert. 😛


Preston is the best little sous chef!


Not only did he help me cook lunch and make dessert, he helped me make a little coconut oil & grapefruit lotion.


cute jars are compliments of Target $1 spot! woohoo!

It’s hard to believe yesterday was sunny and 35 degrees and today its a blizzard! This was us yesterday, soaking up all the vitamin D we could get:


That wraps up this snow day! Hopefully after nap time we can go out and finish that snowman we were trying to make earlier!

{{slight pause in the blog post as I hear Preston crying from his crib, I run upstairs and he has nail polish all over his hands and crib, at first I thought it was blood (whew, it wasn’t) …but it was everywhere! I’m thinking blood might have been easier to clean up….but I still prefer the nail polish over the blood. Now i’m wondering how he ended up in bed with a bottle of my (pink & red) nail polish…time to move it up a little higher…}}

…until next time! xoxo ❤


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