The fits.

Misbehaving Monday, let’s review the reasons my toddler has thrown a fit.

*he was crying because wanted to wear his bib so he brought it over to me, when I tried to put it on him he didn’t want to wear a bib. So I set the bib down. Repeat the aforementioned 10 more times.

*his train fell over while he was pushing it on the train tracks.

*he took his piggy bank off the night stand and set it on the floor, and then threw a fit because it was on the floor, but it was too heavy to lift back up and put it on the nightstand.

*he wanted socks on so I put socks on his feet, but he wanted mismatched socks.

My son has been two for 3 days and it took me 30 minutes to get his clothes changed today. Each layer was a struggle. What happened to my sweet boy?! 😬


…until next time! ❤

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