21 weeks with Pip2!

on Friday we found out that we are having another BOY!!


When we got to our appointment, right when the ultrasound tech put the Doppler thing on my belly, the first thing we saw was a cute pair of legs with an unmistakable penis in between! There was no suspense, no searching, there it was!!


Preston and pip2 had the exact same heart rate (150 bpm) and same weight (13 oz) at their ultrasounds!! The ultrasound showed the due date as December 25. 😬🎄

Pip2 was moving like crazy but the tech was able to get a quick 4D shot, even though Pip kept his hands by his face!! It’s sooo crazy to see!


We are SO excited for Preston to have a brother!! I think those same sex sibling bonds are unbeatable! I’m really looking forward to the adventures of being a boy mom!

Right now I’m sitting under a feverish boy–who also just threw up all over. Poor buddy. 😞 You can tell he’s uncomfortable because he’s been all over the place trying to find the right spot. 😢


…until next time! Xoxo ❤

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