for the love of coffee

It only took 22 weeks for Pip2 to come around to the taste and smell of coffee. Well, to be honest, the smell still bothers me a bit, but I just try to breathe through my mouth when I’m around it. haha! It feels SOOO great to drink a nice warm caffinated beverage in the mornings. Especially now that’s is been a little cooler in the mornings–I can tell fall is just around the corner! 🙂

22 week baby bump!


This last weekend Preston and I drove up to Milwaukee to visit my sister! We drove up on Thursday and stayed through the weekend. The drive wasn’t too bad, it helps that Preston is really good at playing with his toys and sleeping in the car.


She was a great little hostess! She made us her homemade pizza, took us out for some shopping and donuts, and to the farmers market! It was so much fun!


Preston really loves his auntie. Every morning he would ask where she was and when it was time to leave he asked if we could bring her home to our house. haha!


Now we’re home and back to the daily grind!

…until next time! xoxo ❤

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