Labor and Delivery!

Well, this story goes a little differently than what I had hoped. And by little I mean very little because in the end I had everything I’d ever wanted. Another healthy baby boy.


The morning of December 30th was my induction day. Yep, you heard me, induction day. Being induced wasn’t what I wanted at all. I never thought I’d ever get to this point because my first was 4 days early! But alas, the day arrived and I was still with child.

When I woke up that morning, still pregnant as can be, I couldn’t believe I would be meeting my baby in the near future. The bad thing about being induced, for me, was the anticipation. I had no idea what to expect. I was worried that things wouldn’t progress, I was worried they’d force me into a c-section if my body wouldn’t do what it was supposed to. I had already felt like my body had let me down in a way. Why hadn’t I gone into labor on my own?? 


At the clinic I go to they won’t let you go past 41 weeks. I wasn’t upset at them about it because I KNOW they know what’s best for my baby and me. I also have way too many medical professionals in my life that wouldn’t let me go past the 41 week mark. (My sister is a pediatrician, my SIL is a NICU nurse, my Mom was a nurse, my cousin is a nurse…the list goes on…)

The positive side of being induced, was that we were able to arrange for my parents to come up the night before to watch Preston and our pup, Bentley. We just recently moved (like last month) and didn’t have anyone to call to watch Preston if I would have gone into labor on my own. I was also able to shower and put on a bit of make-up before heading in. 🙂

Okay, back to induction day:

So we got to the hospital shortly before 8am. I filled out a bit of paperwork and they took us back to my room. I changed into my gown and they took my vitals and checked my cervix. I was still 3 cm. At 9:15am they gave me the lowest dose of pitocin to get things moving and contractions started immediately. They were still pretty infrequent, but they were getting stronger and I was getting more uncomfortable as the time went on. About an hour later they came in to check my cervix again, I had dilated more so they decided to break my water (ouch). They ordered me an epidural and I got it at 10:30 since they were pleased with how quickly I was progressing. My parents came into the room for a little bit with Preston, but they weren’t in there long because I was 10 cm by 11:20. When they told me that, I just started crying! I couldn’t believe I was going to meet my son SO SOON! #tearsofjoy

They were going to have me wait to start pushing so that baby could make his way down the birth canal on his own. Around noon the nurse came in and she had me do a trail push to see where things were at. She said we’d wait until the doctor came in and in the meantime she had me laying with the ‘peanut ball’ between my legs. The doctor came back into the room and I started pushing at 12:10pm. I pushed once and his head came out. I couldn’t hear him crying even though his head was out!! The first thing I said was, ‘why isn’t he crying?!’. My doctor reassured me he would. I pushed once more and she told me not to push so hard because baby was coming out fast. One last easy push and the rest of his body came out. I pushed a total of 3 times, through one contraction, it had only been 2 minutes since I had started pushing. He made his debut at 12:12 pm. Once he was out, it still took him a bit to cry.


My doctor told me that she had to cut his umbilical cord before he could even get out because it was wrapped around his head and his arm–so it was really tight on him! Once she got that cut, she handed him to me, and that’s why I was worried because he hadn’t cried yet! He did cry just a bit later, it just seemed a lot longer to me-in the heat of things! My sweet boy had finally made it into my arms! All 7 lbs and 11 oz of him!! He was 20 inches long and got an 8 and then 9 out of 10 on his apgars.


We had decided on a name a while ago, but needed to wait to see him before we committed. Once he was born, we were sure that he was going to be our little Jack Urban. That and the fact that Preston had already told his school that he was going to have a baby brother names Jack Urban. haha! The stinker!!


The name Jack and the name Urban are both family names.


So far he has just been the best baby! He’s pretty easy going so far. We rarely hear him cry, well except for when he needs an outfit change!


The first night we brought him home, I didn’t set my alarm to wake up because I figured he’d be up every hour or so like Preston was. But he ended up sleeping a 5 hour stretch! I was so refreshing to get a good night sleep, but I haven’t let him sleep that long since. I make sure he eats at least every 4 hours to keep that blood sugar up! The good news is that he usually falls right back asleep, so I’m able to get back to bed as well.


Preston has loved having Baby Jack home. He is the best big brother. He loves kissing and hold Jack. He is so gentle with him, too. Unfortunately, Preston picked up a nasty bug over the weekend and so we’ve had to keep him away from Jack as much as possible.


So far, Chad and I are adjusting to life with two kids! I’m a little nervous to see how things go once Chad returns to work, but I’m hoping I can channel the inner supermom in me, and things won’t be so bad. :O


His first bath:


Mommy and her boys:


The welcome committee:


Heading home!!


Our sweet little baby Jack:




Perfect way to start the new year! I hope everyone had a happy new year as well!!

This is how we brought in the new year:


Well, I better wrap this up, I’ve got a baby stirring next to me looking for his next meal! 😉

…until next time! xoxo ❤

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