Jack – 2 months!

Sweet Little Jack is almost 3 months old! I’m finally getting around to doing his little 2 month post!

He is just as cute as can be and is such a happy baby!!

He’s very social and loves ‘talking’, cooing, giggling, an smiling! It’s one of those things, where we thought our first was a good baby, and little jack is SUCH a good baby!

At Jack’s 2 month appoinment, he was 14 lbs 9.4oz (91%) 23.5 inches long (70%) and his head is 40cm (74%–smaller  than i thought. lol)

He is so sweet and gives us baby fever! Lol 💕

He sleeps so well in his car seat and makes it easy on me to run errands and do some shopping!

We recently booked plane ✈️ tickets to Iceland this summer. Our first vacation as a family of four!! Praying our sweet, easy going baby stays this way through the summer at least!🤞🏽

Preston is the best big bro to a Jack!!

We cant wait to watch you grow, little boy!

Below is Jack at 1 month and 2 months!!


For fun! Here is a side by side of Jack and Preston at 2 months!


…until next time!! Xoxo ❤️

#momlife #loveit !!


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