Jack – 4 months

This is better late than never, but our little Jack Bear is 4 months old!!


Thankfully, I take a lot of pictures and my phone remembers the date they were taken. haha 🙂


Oh Jack, I don’t even know where to begin! You always make us smile because YOU ARE SOOO SMILEY. You are always so chipper and happy.


Please don’t ever change, sweet boy!!

Now that you are 4 months old you’ve started enjoying some pureed sweet potatoes and carrots on occasion! The funny thing is, one morning I came downstairs (daddy let me sleep in) and Daddy was feeding you your first baby food!! He didn’t take any pictures or video. Poor second child, I had to document it the second time you ate real food.


You don’t particularly like food, but you do love to grab the spoon and feed yourself. 🙂

You started sitting for a few seconds on your own a couple weeks before you were even 4 months old. You still enjoy sitting and batting at your toys at the top of your play mat.


You also enjoy standing! You love keeping your legs straight. When we hold you up, you even will move your legs forward to walk a little ways, with our help of course.


At 4 months old you were 19.6 pounds and the doctor told me you were on track with the biggest baby he’s ever seen! You were 25.5 inches tall and your head is just huge (100%). We love your round noggin’. The first time I realized it was so big was when we were at the park with your cousin London (who is 2 weeks younger than you) and it was sunny so you tried to borrow her hat, it would NOT FIT. No faking it either. It was a 0-6 month hat and you were 3 months old. You currently wear at 12-18 month hat. 🙂


You’ve been rolling from your tummy to your back since about 3.5 months. You haven’t quite mastered rolling from your back to your tummy. You have done it a few times, but usually you can’t get your leg over your belly to do it. But you do enjoy rolling to your side and you even sleep on your side quite a bit these days.


You are so empathetic. Whenever your brother starts crying about something you look at me with this big frown. It’s like you know he’s sad and you’re sad for him.


You love your big brother!!! Seriously, you are always smiling at him and you love when he plays with you.


You love being worn in the baby carrier!!


You have actually started napping better than before! I can usually get you down for a 30 min nap about 2 hours after you wake up, then another 1-2 hour nap, followed by one last hour long nap. Bedtime is 6:30 and you wake up between 5:30-6:30 each morning.


You’ve recently started sucking your thumb, i know it’s a bad habit, but i think it’s totally adorable!!!


We are heading to Iceland soon and I’m hoping you will be a trooper on the trip! So far you are a very easy going baby. So lets pray the time change doesn’t mess it all up!! 🙂


Okay, that’s enough rambling!!

Pictures of you through the months and a side by side of Big Brother Preston (left) and you!

…until next time! xoxo ❤