Jack – 5 months

Our little Bear is 5 months old!!!


The time is just flying by. He is so sweet and continues to amaze us with his personality. He’s our happy – go – lucky babe.


We are heading to Iceland in a few days and are a little nervous about the flight + time change, but i’m hoping that little Jack will be a trooper, as per usual.


So far jack can sit, he can roll from tummy to back, and from back to tummy!! He’s already starting to try and grab things from a far and is *trying* to get up on his knees!


He can pick up his binky and put it into his mouth, which is so great when we are in the car!!


He doesn’t need to nap though, I mean he does, but he doesn’t. haha! He can go all day with napping less than our 3 year old and you wouldn’t even notice!!! Not until bedtime anyway, as soon as we get his jimmies on he ‘falls of a cliff’. He is so ready for bed!! At least he will sleep 12 hours each night! Most of the time, he will take a 30 minute nap after he’s been awake for 2 hours. Then he will take another hour long nap from about 10 to 11. If I’m lucky, i can get him down for about 30 minutes during preston nap. However, sometimes that doesn’t work! Ever. haha! and if it doesn’t , he will want a power nap (like 15 minutes) from 3:45 to 4. 🙂


Today we were out all day running errands. He took a 15 minute nap. that was it!! He did nap again when Preston napped. But was up around 2:30 pm and stayed awake until bedtime. I mean, really???


Little (big?) jack is 22 pounds. Crazy to believe he was only 7 pounds at birth. I have to wear him in the baby carrier all the time because he’s so heavy i can hardly carry him around otherwise.



okay so when I started this post ^^ that was like 3 weeks ago. Haha! Life happens, I guess!


But i’m here to finish and i’m happy to say we just got back from our trip to Iceland and Jack was amazing!!!!


The time change, napping on the go, staying up late, etc, didn’t even bother him! Oh he is just too sweet!!!!


While we were gone he started saying ‘Dada’ and it just happened to be on father’s day!! (June 18th).


Well that’s all for now! I’ll be back with more updates about our trip! I’ll try to blog about each day trip we made from Reykjavik.

…until next time! xoxo ❤

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