Teddy’s Birth Story

Hi all! I’m ready to share the birth of our sweet new baby, Teddy!! I’ve done one of these for each of my boys, and I feel bad it’s taken me 3 months to get to Teddy’s birth story. #thirdchildprobs! #movingwith2kidsandanewbornprobs! 😆 I hate waiting too long, in fear I’ll forget those little details, but I’m hoping I can recall it all okay. It’s a plus my hubby takes excellent notes for me! 🤗

It was April 4th and we were headed to the hospital for my induction. I was 40w5d pregnancy. I never thought I would have to do an induction on my second and third babies—considering my first was early and his L&D was very fast (or so I’m told) 😝 but alas, I was, and I was in for a ride! Anyway, back to my story, or should I say Teddy’s story?!


We arrived at the hospital around 8am. Once I got into my room they hooked me up to my IV for hydration. This was around 8:30am. The monitor was showing that I was having contractions every 10 minutes on my own. It got down to about every 9 minutes (and 3cm dilated) before they gave me my pitocin.

I got my pitocin at 9:15am and by 10:04am my contractions were already 2 min apart!


My parents brought our other 2 kids, Preston and Jack, to the hospital and they came into the room to hang out, during my contractions and all!! I have loved having my parents be apart of each boys delivery. It’s so fun knowing they are at the hospital during one of the best experiences ever!


It was so funny because everyone kept talking to me like I wasn’t going to have this baby until late in the evening, or even early the next morning. I kept telling them that my body has never worked that way, I knew this baby would be here after lunch.  

So I got my pitocin at 9:15 and the doctor broke my water about 10:30am. My contractions immediately picked up and they continued to get stronger and last longer. By 11:15am I was getting uncomfortable. I was taking long deep breaths through each contraction and we gave the big boys apples to eat so they wouldn’t bother me. Haha!


I requested my epidural shortly after that and the anesthesiologist got into my room at noon!    The pain of getting the epidural is always so much better knowing the contractions will not be so darn dreadful! I was having a really strong contraction as he gave me my epidural, my whole body was shaking!

They checked me after I got my epidural and I was 5cm. I have to admit, I was a little bummed I was only 5cm. Especially considering I had been 3 cm for the last few weeks!! Haha 

My parents came back into the room after my epidural. This was around 1pm or so, once they finished lunch in the cafeteria. We decided Preston needed to burn off some steam and Jack needed a nap. So my Dad took Preston out to the lobby to play and Chad decided to take jack on a walk around the hospital while we waited. He always gets a little stir crazy being locked in a room so long, haha!! So my Mom stayed in the room with me while the men took the boys. We all thought it would be awhile before anything exciting happened at this point.

Not even an hour later, about 2pm, we noticed my machine was going all crazy! I told my Mom it didn’t seem right after looking at the monitors from the other rooms. ((Side note: my epidural ended up being so strong I couldn’t even feel my legs at this point!)) 😳 So we called the nurse into my room. She came in and looked at the monitor, I told her I thought I was in transition based on what the machine was doing. She said she probably just needed to reboot the machine, and it must have been a fluke. (I should also mention, my nurse was literally no where in sight unless i called her on the machine, seriously. Apparently she was too busy sitting out by her desk ordering pizza. 🤷🏻‍♀️) The nurse rebooted the machine and my monitor was still going crazy! Up and down, up and down! I asked her to check me, and she was kind of annoyed, so she checked me and was like ‘whoa, you’re 10cm!’. Then, it’s like she realized the doctor was busy because she went from a bit frazzled to calm and collective. I told her we needed to get a doctor in here! She told us the doctor was currently doing a c-section and would come in when she’s finished! I couldn’t believe there were no other OB doctors around. She was the only one on the floor, with inductions, csections, natural births, and overseeing the postpartum rooms! At 2:30pm we were still waiting on the doctor. I was frantically calling Chad, I didn’t want him to miss the birth of his third son!! During this my Mom, and the cute little nurse that’s inside her, Took off her leather jacket and scrubbed in, in preparation to deliver my little bundle! Shortly after that I got ahold of chad and he came back into the room at 3pm—at that time my Mom left for the lobby. Just a few minutes later the doctor comes flying into my room at 3:05pm, and says ‘oh, there’s his head!!’ And 1.5 pushes later, he was out! Our little bundle arrived at 3:09pm (Although it could have been almost an hour earlier 🤪) , he was 9lbs 4oz and 19 inches long. The first thing the doctor said after he was born was, ‘wow he’s a big baby!’.


They handed him to me and I laid him on my chest! It’s just the best feeling ever! Another little body to love and snuggle!


It took us the the longest time to come up with Teddy’s name. We seriously went to the hospital with nothing in mind that we liked, or could agree on! I think it drove our families crazy!! Especially my Mom! She literally went crazy not knowing his name. Haha.


We spent the next couple days trying to decide on a name. Our families were texting us all sorts of ideas! We finally decided on the name Theodore Wells! Nickname: Teddy! 💙


Welcome to the world sweet boy!! 9EC67F2E-BEE4-4C81-98B1-6ED54F60C64B

…until next time! Xoxo