Teddy turns ONE!

Teddy is one!!

It seems like just yesterday we were at the hospital anxiously awaiting his arrival!! Everything was such a whirlwind for me because not only did we have our house on the market, but we were preparing to move when Teddy was just 1 month old! He took his first plane ride at just 1 week old, I remember running through the airport at 1 week pp and asking someone if I could get a wheelchair (talk about being light headed) but apparently you have to reserve those in advance, haha! oh the memories! Anyway, i digress, so we were at the hospital and the doctor walked in and said ‘oh there’s his head!!’ Teddy was ready to come out regardless of anyone else’s agenda! The first thing they said when he came out was, “wow, he’s a big baby!”. All 9lbs 4oz of him. Sweet as can be!! We were smitten from the start. ❤

It’s so hard to believe he is one already. This past year has flown by!! He is definitely the ‘babiest baby’ we’ve had. If that makes sense? Usually by now the other two have seemed so much older!! It could be because Teddy is NOT walking yet! Which is completely fine, as long as it happens before baby #4 arrives in a little over 2 months. 😛 The thing is, he has no interest in walking. He would rather be toted around on our hips!! He can stand by himself and he can take about 5 steps, but then decides he’d rather crawl. He does enjoy pushing around his wagon and Thomas train.

Teddy loves his Daddy!! He pretty much crawls around all day saying ‘Dada? Dada?’. The second Dada walks in the door Teddy is in his arms until bedtime. Sometimes I do feel bad for Chad because he has to do everything one handed, seriously, Teddy will NOT let him put him down. Teddy will be so good for me all day long, playing and talking, and then the second Chad walks in the door he likes to cry unless he’s being held by Daddy.

Teddy is a sweet, sweet boy though!! He is so smiley and loves to ‘talk’. He’s got his own little language and enjoys talking in his gibberish! He’s got the sweetest smile and loves his brothers so much. You can tell he cannot wait to be able to run around with them. When he sees them outside playing he is always talking at the window. He really enjoys being out there with them, so much so, that he has little calluses on his knees from crawling all over the cement (and i even keep pants on him outside to protect his little knees).

For the most part, Teddy is a pretty good eater. It’s really hit or miss. Somedays he will be a bottomless pit and some days he wont touch his food and throws it all down to Bobo. He enjoys eating cheese, crackers, frozen peas, frozen blueberries, and black olives. His first food was avocado and he was obsessed!!! He could eat an entire avocado in one sitting and it’s like he couldn’t shove it in fast enough!! However, within the last couple of weeks he hasn’t been as into them. Anyway, those are probably his favorite foods, however, he does eat whatever we serve for dinner!!

He is 30 inches long and 24 lbs 10 oz. I think he’s right in between where Jack and Preston were at this age, although, he definitely seems like our slightest baby. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because Jack was SO HUGE, but Teddy has always seemed so small! (although people alway comment on how big he is! haha)

We think Teddy may be left handed!! (Like me!) He prefers his left hand for eating and playing–it’s probably too soon to tell, but it’s about time we have a lefty!! 😉 He is also pretty clumsy…i guess you could say he got it from his mama! 😉 He definitely resembles my family more so than Chad’s. It’s always so hard to tell though because Chad and I have similar dominant features (dark hair, same color eyes, and we were both chubby babies).

Teddy has been sleeping pretty well! He has been waking up at 4am to eat for as long as i can remember (probably his 4 month sleep regression! haha) but the good news is that he sleeps well otherwise. He usually goes to bed about 6:30pm and then will sleep anywhere from 6:45-7:30am. So I really can’t complain. It still feel like I get a good nights sleep!! Naptime has been a little bit of trial and error lately. He’s starting to transition to 1 nap a day. Some days he’s so tired by 9am and needs a morning nap, but then he will fight his second nap around 1ish. So i’ve started to phase out his morning nap and then i’ll just put him down about 11:30am. It sucks for me because I had a great thing going on, I’d have Teddy and Jack both nap from 1pm-3pm. It was the nicest break ever!!! But now with the boys on separate nap schedules, it seems like i never get any down time. But, such is life! 🙂

Anyway, that’s about it for Teddy!!! oh yeah, he can clap! yay!

It’s been so fun watching him grow up! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this little dude!

Preston, Jack, and Teddy all at 12 months!

and a few more pictures, just for fun!!

Good night sweet one year old!


…until next time! xoxo