The Infamous Hospital Bag: what to pack.

I did so much research on the perfect items to take to the hospital when you go into labor. Since this was my first baby, I had no idea what was a necessity and what was just going to take up space. I asked my new Mommy friends, Facebook friends, and other blogging friends. I’ve made a list of the most common items.

*I have provided what I packed and what I actually needed & used*

Packing List

For Mom:


Slippers {ones that you will be comfortable throwing away when you leave the hospital. Hospital floors=yuck.}

Flip Flops {for the shower} The shower was very clean so I didn’t use my flip flops – plus they made me take a bath to soak before I showered. I figured since I already sat down in the tub, there was no point in going to grab my flip flops for when I showered.

Granny Panties {that’s right, high rise, full bottomed underwear–not only are they there to accommodate the huge diaper pads you will be wearing, but to provide comfort if you should have to have an emergency c-section.}

Yoga Pants {preferably, black}

A couple shirts with a zipper down the front or buttons. {for breastfeeding Mama’s)

Nursing Bra & Tank

Toiletries {shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razor, lotion, deodorant, toothbrush, and toothpaste}


Hair Bands

Chapstick / Vaseline

Warm socks {a must!! my feet were so cold during and after labor. It was nice to wear them when all I had was a hospital gown on.}

Phone & Charger



Extension cord for your phone charger {it seemed like my phone was constantly on the charger and I could never reach it.}

Breast pump {just in case}

For Dad:




Pillow & Blanket {the hospital provided these}


Change for the vending machines {the snacks we packed sufficed. The hospital food was offered to my husband as well. $7 for all he could eat}


For Baby:

(2) white onesies

(2) sleep sacks / sleepers {the hospital provided outfits for while he was there.}

(1) outfit for going home

nail clippers {I wish I would have packed an emery board instead. I hate clipping my babe’s nails–filing them is so much easier!}

a hat

(2) receiving blankets

Carseat with a cover. {we actually forgot ours in the rush to get to the hospital. My parents stopped by our house to grab it!}

A thick blanket to place over your baby’s lap in the carseat.

*The hospital should provide diapers, wipes, pacifiers, nipple cream, etc.*

Note: our hospital didn’t provide pacifiers because they don’t want you to use them. Our son didn’t take a paci until he was a little older — but it was nice to have on hand.

Honestly, the hospital does a nice job of providing the necessities! If you forget something it won’t be the end of the world. I stayed in my hospital gown for most of the time anyway!!

Good luck! 🙂