Traveling Internationally with Kids (must haves!)

We just got back from spending 2 weeks in Iceland! We had our kids (ages 3 and 5 months) in tow.

Here are a few items that made our trip a success:


  1. Portable sound machine. I kid you not, this is the best invention ever! It is $10, it can clip onto a stroller, carseat, baby carrier, etc! It runs off batteries (perfect for going international) and you can choose to have it run for 15, 30, and 45 minutes OR you can let it run forever. 🙂 This really helped with getting our kids to nap on the go, plus we used it in our sons crib at night. You can get it at Target or Amazon. (myBaby sound spa on-the-go sound machine) IMG_4767You can spy it hanging on the stroller and laying in the crib.   IMG_4336IMG_1818
  2. A baby Carrier. We brought along our Ergo for our 3 year old and our Infantino for our 5 month old. The Ergo was perfect for our 3 year old because it’s like getting a piggy back ride without having to use your arms! haha. The Infantino was perfect for our 5 month old because he loves to face forward and look out at the world. Both works so well for napping on the go and hiking! Both of these can be purchased on Amazon or target as well!IMG_2568(okay so this photo makes me laugh! My 3 year old wouldn’t put his arms under the straps and then fell asleep and was just flopping. 🙂 It was pretty funny!IMG_4066IMG_4170

  3. Headphones for the toddler. I got these completely adorable headphones on Amazon! Its a little headband with speaker by the ears. It stays on and if your kiddo  falls asleep it’s still comfortable! (CozyPhones kids headphones)IMG_4768
  4. Hust Hat. This bad boy can block out the loud noises when you’re trying to get the little ones to nap! It was a life saver for the plane, restaurants, and just being out and about! The plus side, it keeps the babe warm!! You can get it at Target or Amazon as well. IMG_4769

(so funny, the hat did slip down and cover my son’s eyes. He is under there somewhere!! ha 🙂 )IMG_4204

5. Pacifier Clips and a Wubanub. If you have a little baby like we do, that pacifier clip will come in so handy! You can clip it onto the baby carrier, clothes, carseat, etc! That way you don’t have to worry about losing it.

6. Stroller with a rain cover. This last one really all depends on the age of your kids and whether or not you’re expecting to be around rain. We went to Iceland and the weather there is so crazy. Luckily it was nice most of the time, but it would randomly rain throughout our whole trip. The stroller and rain cover were a life saver when it was raining. It helped keep our kids warm and dry, we also were happy to stick everything else under there (shopping bags, diaper bag, camera, etc!


Well there you have it! That is my list of MUST HAVES. Stay tuned for my next post on what to pack in your child’s carry on bag.


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34 weeks!

Hard to believe I’m already 34 weeks!!! This pregnancy has been flying by! There is no baby bump picture this week because selfies in the bathroom mirror are not near as fun! oh, and the fact I can’t seem to put a bra on. Like ever.

This pregnancy has been a little rough on me!! Not only was I sick until like 27 weeks (and I still get sick on occasion at 34 weeks) but we are in the middle of a move and relocating. All I want is a huge glass of wine! Seriously, the days are long, the nights are short, nap times are shorter, and my wine glass is empty. {only 6 more weeks until I can kick back with a glass of my favorite ALDI wine!!}

My hubby has already started his job so Preston and I have been staying at our house while he lives a Bach lifestyle without us. Let’s just say the day to day is exhausting!! Chasing after a 2.5 year old, organizing for our move that’s happening in #2weeks 😳, cooking, cleaning, walking the dog… you get the picture! Daylight savings time sure didn’t help… my only saving grace is that Preston is in bed by 7pm now! #Hallelujah

I do know hubby feels bad he can’t help out more. He’s working so hard for our family and we appreciate it so much!! He is such a huge help when we do get to see him. He cooks me meals, does nap time and bed time routine with Preston, and cleans… it’s glorious!

However, something always seems to go wrong when hubby is away: faulty smoke detector that likes to go off at 5am, a spider infestation in my car, bentley’s 🐶 Collar breaking as I’m trying to tie him up at my parents house before making the 5 hr drive to see hubs with Preston.


I am thankful I have a house with smoke detectors, a car to drive, and parents who will watch our pup. ❤

As much as I’m going to miss our gorgeous beloved home, I am excited to get settled into our new house. I can’t wait to get it all decorated and cozy feeling just in time for the holidays! {It brings me back to when I was pregnant with Preston and we moved when I was about 27 weeks pregnant! When we closed on our house Nov 15, 2013, the first thing I did was put up my Christmas decorations!! This time will be fairly similar, except I will be 36 weeks pregnant and we close on Nov 30, 2016! I can promise that the first thing I do will be to put up my Christmas decorations again!! I am sensing a theme here….lets just say next time I get knocked up we aren’t relocating to a new state like the last 2 times. lol!!}

I’m trying to enjoy the time with just Preston and I before Pip2 to arrives. I’ve also been working on some ‘busy bins’ for after the new baby arrives and Preston needs some new and fun things to keep occupied!

I’ve been doing a bit of nesting lately, too! I’ve gone through and sorted and organized all the baby clothes, gotten baby items together, and got the infant carseat out and ready to use–just in case Pip decides to arrive a bit early!! I don’t want this stuff lost in the move and have no clue where it’s at!! I even got my hospital bag started, just with a few things for now, but that’s another thing I want to have ready and organized before the movers come and pack us up and ship us out! haha.

Next time I’ll try to have a baby bump picture to include! Even though I’m feeling huge and uncomfortable…I really don’t remember feeling like this with Preston… second pregnancy probs maybe! Hopefully I can do one more post before we move and the crazy begins!!

Okay, edited to add a selfie bump pic! 34w5d


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Dear Punky,

dear Punky,

I’m sorry we left you for almost 3 weeks. Your daddy and I went to Australia for my best friend’s wedding! I was the maid (matron 😁) of honor; it was something I’ll remember forever.  We missed you so much but we know you had so much fun hanging out with your auntie, uncle, and cousin! You even got to spend time with your grandma and grandpa, too!!! I know you had so much fun bonding with them. While your daddy and I were gone–we were able to spend time together!! We even made a side trip to New Zealand!! We rented a campervan and drove around the entire South Island! It is time together we will never forget!! We missed you so much!!! But luckily, you were able to bond with your cousin, Noble. You went to gymnastics, the children’s museum, and did build-a-bear together!! You actually missed your dog, Bentley, (or as you call him, Bobo) so much that you named your new puppy (that you picked out at build-a-bear) ‘bobo’ that just happens to be almost identical to your own dog. You did really well the whole time we were gone. We were so happy to see you happy!!! It made our trip go by so flawlessly! It wasn’t until 2 nights prior to our departure from New Zealand that your auntie and Grandma told us you were crying out for ‘mama and daddy’ at bedtime. That broke my heart and made me want to come home!! We know you had so much fun and you were able to enjoy your first ever 3 days at daycare!!!! You did so well–and napped well!! I think it’s because you had your cousin, Noble, there with you. But when we came home you came up and grabbed me and squeezed me sooo tight in, what seemed like, a never ending hug. You kissed me and kissed me!!! You went to daddy and hugged and kissed him, too!! That night it was hard to put you down for bed because you were scared that we wouldn’t be there in the morning. It broke my heart. The next morning you yelled out for mama and daddy, and we came and grabbed you so quickly!!! Daddy went back to work that day and you hugged and kissed me all day long!!! It took forever to get you down for a nap because you were still sad I wouldn’t be there when you woke up! I rocked you to sleep and laid you in your crib. After a couple days you realized we weren’t going to leave you again. It breaks my heart to think about how much you missed us!!! Even though our trip was amazing and so worth it, it’ll take a lot for me to leave you again. You still get sad when one of us is out of sight from you… we have to remind you we are just going to the bathroom or running out to the car. I know it’ll pass, but in the meantime, it breaks my heart. You learned so much with your auntie and cousin. When we came home you were speaking in sentences. You were able to sing ‘twinkle twinkle little star’. You could count to ten flawlessly… and with confidence!! You are such a strong and smart young boy!!!! We love you so much and are so proud of you!!!! I just want you to know, we will never leave you and not come back. You are our entire life and we are better because of you!!!!

I love you so much, Punky!!!!!!!!


a little cuteness.

Today when we were saying goodbye to Chad:

I said, ‘i love you!!’

Preston said, ‘I’ and I said, ‘Love’, and he said, ‘YOU!!!’.

I wanted Preston to say it by himself. So next time he said, ‘I’ and paused, and I said, ‘what comes after I?’ and he said, ‘J’…. I had to do a quick run through of the alphabet, lol, but yes, you’re right, ‘J’ does come after ‘I’! haha!!

Chad and I looked at each other like, ‘who is this kid?!’. Oh the way the mind thinks. And to think, he’s not even 2 yet!


Preston uses his little stool for everything. He pushes that sucker all over the house! It’s pretty cute and resourceful. He uses it to turn on and off lights, to get food and drinks, etc.! I had to snap this photo because as I was laying in and he was just doing his thing, and I was just thinking, ‘he will never be this young again. he will never be this tiny again!’ it was a crazy thought!


I’m trying to remember all the cute things Preston does before I forget them all. It seems like just yesterday he would say ‘ek’ intead of ‘x’ and ‘eee’ for ‘train’ (because that’s the noise the train made when it went by our house).

Now the cute favorites are:

‘bork’ \\ fork

‘poon’ \\ spoon

‘bopcorn’ \\ popcorn

‘bup’ \\ cup

‘poppee’ \\ coffee

‘bi-base’ \\ fireplace

His f’s sound like b’s and his c’s sound like b’s. It’s the most adorable thing! What’s funny is that he can say is r’s so clearly, and that was the letter both Chad and I couldn’t say when we were young.

Preston knows his whole alphabet and has for awhile now. When we read his book ‘Chicka Chicka Boom Boom’, he always says, ‘R’ and other ‘r’, for capital and lowercase. I’m impressed he knows the uppercase and lowercase versions of the alphabet. What i was even more impressed with though, we were at Red Lobster eating with my Mom a few weeks ago and Preston was able to tell us every letter in ‘Red Lobster’ when it was backwards! The letters were on the window so people outside could read them, he knew what they were even when they were transposed.

I swear, if I did baby birthday parties, i would have his second birthday party theme be letters. haha!! No joke, he would be ecstatic.

Most recently we’ve been working on numbers. He can count, he just doesn’t like to do it. Which is fine, but I always like to squeeze counting in every time we climb stairs and walk past cars, etc! Just to expose him to it! No drilling here, just fun learning.

He knows his colors. Today we were downstairs by his little Christmas tree (yes, it’s still up, but it’s the only Christmas decoration that’s still out) and he was able to name off all the colors on his tree with no prompting. Yellow, blue, green, red, and pink. I think pink is his favorite color! He definitely seems to favor it!!

Today when we were coloring, I showed Preston how to write a ‘P’ step by step and he did one too. It was pretty cool! (below, you can see my green ‘P’ and his huge blueish gray ‘P’)


Preston still refers to himself at ‘Punky’. Even when i say ‘Preston’ he says ‘Punky!!’ I guess that’s what we get for only referring to him as Punky for he majority of his life. haha!!! I can just see it now, Punky H. on the roster for sport in high school.  hahaha!! 🙂

Tonight after I took Preston’s diaper off for ‘nakey time’ he looked at me and said, ‘pee pee’. I asked him if he needed to go sit on the potty and he said, ‘yes’. so we ran to the potty, he sat down, and he went! YAY!!!!! no prompting, no pressuring. all on his own. 🙂 I was so proud!!!! Chad was still at work so I made sure to FaceTime my parents so we could all celebrate together! Now i really need to make that sticker reward chart!!


One last thing, Preston had his first night in his big boy room!! He did so well! He slept his usual 12 hours. We were so proud of him!!


Now we are off to make brownies! 😛

…until next time! xoxo ❤

Fall Time is the Best Time.

It’s October, which means our weekly CSA has ended and my dining room table will no longer have fresh flowers on it; but it also means, changing leaves, crisp fall air, cozy snuggles by the fireplace, pumpkin patches, apple orchards, oversized sweaters, boots, and scarves!


Preston and I braved the cool 40 degree weather today! After a 15 minute meltdown and a time-out because he didn’t want to wear a hat, he finally realized I wasn’t backing down. He’s still cute when he’s mad!


Once we got outside he realized that he NEEDED that hat. The wind was so strong!! We took little BoBo on a walk and enjoyed the cool breeze. It was so refreshing.


There is just something about the fall time that makes everything better! Even though, with fall, comes the fall turnarounds at Chad’s work. We don’t like when he’s gone, but we try to make the most of it! Preston is my little sidekick. He is with me so often, that when I finally get a chance to run errands by myself, it seems as if I’ve left my arm at home or something.


We try to make the most of hubby’s time at home though! We’ve already been to two pumpkin patches, an apple orchard, and to The Berry Patch. Preston had so much fun picking the raspberries!

At The Berry Patch:




At the Apple Orchard Preston ate so many apples he had a tummy ache for the rest of the evening. All he wanted to do was snuggle!!DSC_0989



We had fun at Bloomsbury Farm. Preston was so tired though! We stayed the night at my SIL’s house and he woke up SO EARLY (6:30 a.m.)  because he wanted to play in his cousin’s toy room! I don’t blame him! 😛





It was hard to get a ‘good’ picture of him. But sometimes those are my favorite pictures! The ones that show real life situations. That way when we look back, we will remember the not-so-perfect times as well! Parenting is hard. Motherhood is hard. Being a toddler is hard.


Chad and I did sneak in a picture of just him and me. Posing with the Farmer Dolls or whatever they’re called. 😉


We are thankful that Preston enjoys going in the bike trailer. We were able to ride our bikes to the farmer’s market–just hand Punky an apple and he’s good to go! haha 🙂


We are going to another apple orchard this weekend. We want to pick more apples to make some homemade applesauce and possibly more apple cinnamon sangrias… 😛 They are delicious!!!!

The rest of the weekend we will probably spend a lot of time outside with Preston, teaching him how to use is new (to him) scooter!




So far, Fall has been great to us! Hopefully it’s been great to you too!

….until next time! xoxo

Preston – On the move!

I have been wanting to do an ‘ in between’ post for Preston. The day after his 8 month post, he did so many things!! I realized he started sitting up REALLY WELL on his own… From a laying down or crawling position.


He also started pulling himself up on anything and everything. He’s become a much faster crawler so I’m constantly chasing him around the house. I finally ordered a baby gate that will be here tomorrow! I can’t wait to get it installed. He has been putting himself to sleep lately. Which is so nice, but I do miss the cuddles! Usually when he wakes up, I find him sitting up in his crib playing with his stuffed animals. He’s getting better at balancing to stand up and loves walking around the whole house, with help! He has started raising his arms when he wants to be held. He will crawl over to me and sit at my feet and say Mama when he wants me. When I hold him he’s started ‘hanging on’, no more limp, dead weight baby! It really makes carrying him a lot easier because he seems lighter when he holds on!! He has also started taking milk from a sippy!!! Finally! Chad will get up with him in the morning and give him a sippy of milk. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time!


Granted, I still have to feed him right when he sees me in the morning… But it’s progress!!! He’s the sweetest little boy. We love him to pieces. He’s developing such a personality.  We are excited for his first Halloween experience on Friday!!


…until next time!! Xoxo

Preston – 8 months

It’s October! and it’s Sunday. AND OUR LITTLE MAN IS 8 MONTHS!!


oh the changes!!


{{he has hair!! ^^^}}


It’s so hard for me to believe how big our little guy is getting. He’s 21 pounds {{same as last month!}} and 27 inches long.



So our little man is growing in length but thinning out. I miss his {{excessive}} chub already. I was just looking at a photo of him from a few months ago and he was SOO chubby. He’s slimmed down a lot. He actually fits into his bumbo again. Which is really nice, especially when we’re trying to cook.


Our boy just started crawling on the 15th. He did it on his own without help or prompting. He really had NO interest in crawling, or moving for that matter! Now that he’s been crawling for a few days, he’s really getting the hang of it.  This was the one milestone i was NOT looking forward to!


…Now, to baby-proof!


He loves standing and it really good at standing while holding on to something {{one handed}}.


He can stand alone for a few seconds but that’s about it.


He has been really interested in walking {{with help}}.


He loves walking around the whole house..especially when he gets to walk to his dog, Bentley. They are going to be the best of buds!!

{{caught bentley winking…lol 😉 }}


He loves playing with ‘mirror baby’ and also kissing ‘mirror baby’!!


{{he just has too much fun with mirror baby…maybe he needs a sibling… 😉 }}


Our boy is still eating like a champ. He loves his mama milk and his baby food!! He will down a few containers of baby food in one sitting if we don’t put a stop to it after awhile. He will eat anything! I sure hope this lasts…I’m praying he won’t be a picky eater…


Preston and I have been enjoying the PERFECT fall weather the last few days.


We took a trip to the park to swing and walk around. He still LOVES swinging. and people. and kids. and babies!!



We’ve also been taking long walks. He’s not as good on his walks as he used to be…unless he’s being carried in the Ergo. He loves being close to us.


{{I love fall in our neighborhood.}}


Actually I just love fall in our town!!


We have been doing so many fun things on the weekends.



Hitting up the parks!


Enjoying the awesome views!


Taking long walks!


Just enjoying being with our little family!


Going to the Farmers market on saturday mornings has become a fun tradition for us!


We are going to be so sad when it’s done for the season!


On the 14th our little muffy said MAMA!!!! It was music to my ears. He’s been saying DADA for a while now…and to hear him say MAMA, was the best! Those are his first two words. I’ll take it! 🙂



Our boy is such a silly little guy. He loves ‘talking’, making silly noises, and blowing bubbles.


He still has 2 teeth but is cutting his third on the top {{the right center tooth}}. His hair is starting to get thicker and it’s also getting a lot darker. He’s starting to look more like a little boy every day. and i SWEAR he gets cuter by the minute..if that’s even possible! 🙂 He still takes 2 naps a day…sometimes even 3 naps.


Last night he only had two naps and went to bed at 6:30pm and slept until 7:20 am. He must have been exhausted!!! He did wake up at 4am to eat though.


{{after this ^^^ happened, we had to hang some shelves to put the monitor on–outside of his crib!}}


We have been so good about taking him to pumpkin patches, apple orchards, and creameries.


He was able to ‘help’ us pick berries.


AND he even tried a few!

He also went on his first hayrack ride.


{{of course one of us isn’t ready…}}


He LOVES his bath time.


He loves splashing around and playing with his rubber ducky and other fun bath toys.


He still enjoys the nursery at the gym!


We ventured out to a cute little shop in Jewell and bought him a globe!


If you remember, last month we took a trip to Galveston to visit Preston’s aunties right after his 7 month birthday. We had a blast!! Let spam a few photos of our trip.







{{pilot photobomb^^^}}


Let’s just say the last month has been so fun!! Especially since it’s Punkys first Fall!!


First football season!


He has changed soooo much! Still full of smiles though!! 🙂


We just have so much fun together…


I just LOVE staying at home with him!


…until next time! xoxo