Our Home

We have officially been in Iowa for a year now. We absolutely love it here.

One thing we love for sure, is our new home. ❤ In honor of being in our house for ONE YEAR TODAY i’m going to reflect back  on our house hunting adventures.

This is how it went down: We had 2 days set aside for house hunting in Iowa. We were hopping a flight to Switzerland right afterwards for our anniversary trip. We had looked at houses online in advance and felt like we had a good idea of what we were looking for. With this being our second home, we knew what we couldn’t live without. There were a few we fell in love with online–but unfortunately, they sold before we got a chance to look at them. Our realtor was able to take us through the houses once  they had sold–to get a feel for what we liked. The housing market is so high here. Houses do not stay on the market for long. On the last day of our house hunting adventure, we were planning on meeting with builders to build our own house, which wasn’t ideal, considering I was 18 weeks pregnant. Our realtor took us to the last house on her list, we were not in love. We stepped out on the back porch to discuss what we were going to do, and we spotted a house being built RIGHT BEHIND this one. We asked our realtor if we could take a look. She arranged for us to go through it. The second I walked inside the house, I fell in love. We both fell in love.  I said immediately ‘we’ll take it!’. It was so perfect for us. AND it was going to be finished right around the time we were moving. We moved here on November 1st, 2013 and our house closing was scheduled for November 15th, 2013. Chad was able to stay in a hotel and I stayed with my parents, since I was no longer working and didn’t want to go crazy out of my mind while he was at work during the day.

I still haven’t taken many picture inside our house. But I do have a few to share.

A few before we got grass!



From the back:



Front with grass:


Front with snow:


A few of the inside:



With furniture:




At Christmas time.. 🙂


I can’t believe these are the only pictures i’ve taken!

oh yeah, and incase you’re wondering. the details:

<< 4 bedroom >>

<< 3 full bathroom >>

<< finished basement >>

<< cute little porch for sipping cocktails >>

<< nice sized deck for summer time cook outs >>

<< adorable reading nook for the kiddos >>

<< absolutely delightful! >>

This is our second house; that we’ve made into a home! ❤

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