Jack – 2 months!

Sweet Little Jack is almost 3 months old! I’m finally getting around to doing his little 2 month post!

He is just as cute as can be and is such a happy baby!!

He’s very social and loves ‘talking’, cooing, giggling, an smiling! It’s one of those things, where we thought our first was a good baby, and little jack is SUCH a good baby!

At Jack’s 2 month appoinment, he was 14 lbs 9.4oz (91%) 23.5 inches long (70%) and his head is 40cm (74%–smaller  than i thought. lol)

He is so sweet and gives us baby fever! Lol 💕

He sleeps so well in his car seat and makes it easy on me to run errands and do some shopping!

We recently booked plane ✈️ tickets to Iceland this summer. Our first vacation as a family of four!! Praying our sweet, easy going baby stays this way through the summer at least!🤞🏽

Preston is the best big bro to a Jack!!

We cant wait to watch you grow, little boy!

Below is Jack at 1 month and 2 months!!


For fun! Here is a side by side of Jack and Preston at 2 months!


…until next time!! Xoxo ❤️

#momlife #loveit !!


Jack Urban – one month!

Our little sweet potato is ONE MONTH old today!! I can’t even believe how fast his first month has gone!


Jack made pictures easy this morning because he was being so smiley and content! Jack is 11 lbs 4 oz. That is about a 4 pound weight gain since we left the hospital.


He loves looking out out the window and being snuggled! He sleeps 5 hour stretches so I feel pretty refreshed most of the time!! 🙌🏿 You can’t really tell in the pictures but it looks like Jack’s eyes are turning from grey to blue. So we’ll see what they end up being–but for now, they look blueish!


Here is a side by side comparison of Jack with his big brother, Preston.


Preston is on the left and Jack is on the right. {{you can tell how much iPhone camera quality has changed within the last 3 years!!}}


its crazy to see how much baby Jack has changed within the last month. Here are weekly pictures of our little guy!

one week: 8 lbs 4 oz


two weeks: 9 lbs 4 oz


three weeks: 10 lbs 8 oz


four weeks: 11 lbs 2 oz


the photo from ‘4 weeks’ was just a couple days ago 😛

Sweet  baby Jack has made life so much sweeter!! ❤️😊

…until next time! Xoxo ❤️

Little boy Punk

Preston has been surprising me a lot lately. He’s such a sweet boy. Here are a couple cute things he’s done that I just can’t stop grinning about!!!

First, last night he was walking up the stairs with his milk. When he got to the top he spilled a dab on the wood floor. (He didn’t even know I was watching) he went into the kitchen, grabbed a towel and wiped up the spilled milk and brought the towel back to the kitchen. Seriously?! What 1.5 going on 2 year old does that?? Without prompting??? I was so impressed with our little guy. Not to mention he always finds a coaster when he sets his drink down! #justlikemama

The next cute thing he did. He is not supposed to eat in the living room. Today he got his step stool, pulled it over toward the tv (but not in the living room) and sat there to eat his apple for breakfast.


Preston has started repeating every word you say! He’s become quite the talker. He says ‘mama pease’ which melts my heart and says ‘no mama’ when he doesn’t want to do something! Lol!!

He has also become very vocal about what he wears everyday. Which is usually his Jammies. Elmo, Thomas the Train (eeee), or Monkey!

There are so many other adorable things, but we’ve got errands to run in our sock monkey jammies!! Lol

…until next time. Xoxo


Preston – 18 months

Today is a beautiful day! It is 58 degrees here. The windows are open, I’m sitting in my newly decorated family room, and Preston is snoozing.


Every Wednesday after his nap we head to the Farmer’s Market at the Mall.  I buy fresh flowers for our dinner table (it’s a summer luxury :)) and then we head out to Prairie Moon Winery to pick up our weekly CSA share (Community Supported Agriculture). It’s our way of supporting local farmers and putting money back into our community. I cannot wait until Preston is old enough to help up pick out vegetables at the Farmers Market. I’ve already decided I’m going to give him $5 each week so he can budget and buy whatever he would like while we’re there!


…any who, back to the reason for the post…

Today, my baby is 18 months old!


He’s been up to so much lately & learning new things everyday.


He loves dirt.


{{and many other things: playing outside, swimming, picking tomatoes from the garden (that’s the only time he’ll eat them–freshly picked!), walking his dog, and bath time}}. But mainly, he loves dirt. Eating it, playing with it, throwing it, mixing it with water and smearing it. You name it! If it involves dirt, he loves it! haha! Oh yeah, he also loves sand. YUCK! I hate sand. But he loves it, so the sand will stay. 😉


One thing he does NOT like is diaper changes! And, now I know why! He is ready to potty train! Even though I’m not ready to start the stresses of potty training, Preston is. He is always coming up to me telling me when he is going potty in his diaper. So I just went with it. I’d sit him on the potty but usually he had already gone in his diaper by then. I’m just glad he knows when he’s going. Well, today of all days, he comes up to me and tells me he has to potty and then takes me to the big potty and grabs toilet paper (lol –monkey see, monkey do). I sit him up on the potty and he poops! Seriously, like 5 seconds after I sat him down. Now I know he is ready. Today when I was at Target I bought some pull-ups! I’m not ready to go straight to undies! Especially with how young he is, and I’m definitely tired of taking a diaper on and off. So, wish me luck as I enter into this whole potty training thing!


Everyday I am reminded of how big our boy is getting. He hasn’t used his highchair in a few months. He can feed himself with a spoon and a fork and can dip his veggies in hummus!! He is talking all the time. He can say a two word sentence: ‘all gone’. Everyday he is saying new words and copying what we say. He is a master at his puzzles!! I was reading that once they master the puzzle, have them do it upside down, he can do that now! He loves building with his legos and his hot wheels are a new favorite. He either has a car in each hand or his pig in one hand and his horse in another. I love watching his imaginative play; hearing him say ‘vroom’ with his cars as they drive across the coffee table and when he makes animal noises as he plays with his farm is so amazing!


I feel like I’m rambling. I’m just trying to get as much out as I can while Preston is still napping!! He is down to one nap a day. Usually it’s anywhere between 2-3 hours. It’s really nice because that means we have more daylight to go out and do things! He sleeps about 11 hours a night (give or take a half an hour).


We recently decorated Preston’s ‘big boy room’. I wanted to get the room all painted and decorated before I ever got pregnant again. I just remember moving when I was pregnant with Preston and I always felt so helpless. It was hard for me to decorate his nursery since I was SO pregnant. I figured I would get his big boy room all decorated and turn it into his toy room, until it was time to move in there. That way he would be familiar with it and love to go in there. It’s not completely finished, but I’ve got the hard parts done!


Preston does this really cute stance when you say ‘take your mark, get set, GO’. It’s pretty adorable!!! A picture doesn’t even do it justice! Who knows, maybe I will have to upgrade by blog do I can upload videos. Some day. 😛


Preston still puts his hand down my shirt, pretty much all the time. I’m not really sure why, but he loves it. I don’t even notice it anymore, but I can always feel people getting a little awkward that there is a hand down my shirt pretty much every time I hold him. Haha!!


He loves his Dada more than anything! It was actually a little heartbreaking, because last time Chad was gone for work (about 4 days) every morning when Preston would wake up he would say “Dada” and when i would come in his room, he would start crying and try to run away from me. Seriously, that’s a really sad story when I write it out. Poor little Preston just wanted his Dada. They are the best of buds!! {{dada wearing Punky’s hat. haha!)


Prestons second favorite Bestie is his Grandpa Bob. He squeals and runs to him every time he comes over! They have the best little bond.


Sweet corn is a favorite around here. Especially now that we live in Iowa again. Preston can’t even wait for the corn to be cooked before he starts gobbling it down.


But let’s be honest, not every moment is as perfect as it sounds!


Well, I better leave it at that!!! Bring on football season!


…until next time! xoxo ❤



Preston: 9 months

It’s Preston’s first November!!! …and the start of one of my favorite times of the year. I’m so excited for him to experience the greatness of Thanksgiving and Christmas.


I can’t believe our little boy is 9 months old already.


He has such a personality these days and he is so fun to be around. He loves being around people. He lights up every time someone looks at him. When his Dada gets home from work, he gets so excited and starts squealing until his Dad comes to pick him up! Last week was the first time he started crying when his Dad left for work. He crawled over to the door and sat there crying ‘dada’. Even when I picked him up, he was still sad his Dad left. They have such a fun time in the mornings, I don’t blame him for missing his Dad! Chad always gets up with Preston in the mornings, feeds him breakfast, plays with him, and entertains him until he has to leave for work. It works out really well, so he can get some one-on-one time with Preston!


 He definitely recognizes familiar faces as well. He knows who is Grammy and Grampy are and he knows when I’m talking to them on the phone. Yesterday his Grammy came to visit and he was so good the whole day and just wanted to be around her! He didn’t nap the whole time she was here either! I think he takes after his Grammy in that he doesn’t want to miss out on the action!! 😉

Preston is a crawling machine these days. He is seriously a turbo crawler! Sometimes I can’t even catch him!! Especially at night when I’m getting him ready for bed. We give him a little ‘naked time’ each night before bed, where he gets to go diaper free for awhile. He loves it so much, when he sees the diaper, he turns his crawling on turbo speed. It’s so funny trying to chase a nakey baby around the house.

One of his favorite games is chasing Bentley around the house. That will entertain him for awhile, which is nice because it gives me time to get a few things done around the house. He loves his brother, that’s for sure! He also loves playing peek-a-boo! Especially when he gets to play with his Grammy.

Preston LOVES eating. So far, he’s not a picky eater either! He loves being able to feed himself. Some of his favorites are: scrambled eggs, crackers, tomatoes, strawberries, apples, chicken, potatoes, cheetos, bread, and cherrios! He also loves feeding Bentley, too. And I think that’s one of Bentleys favorite things to do! 😉


Standing is another favorite of his. Standing and walking (with help) around the house. He is a power walker, too. Sometimes I can’t go fast enough for him! It’s pretty funny watching his short little legs on a mission to get a few laps in around the whole house!


It has been really hard to get pictures of Preston as he is always on the go. The amount of pictures I take has gone down drastically! It seems that whenever I try to snap one, the photo is blurry because he’s on the move again!


In the evening, Preston LOVES bath time. We’ve finally converted him to sitting in the big tub (in his little tub). At first he didn’t like being in the big tub, since he was used to his mini tub sitting on the counter. But after a couple times, now he loves it. This way, it’s a lot easier with clean up, since he loves to splash in the water…but definitely not easier on my back and knees! 😉 He enjoys playing with his bath toys and sucking on them! Bath time is a nice way to unwind at night before we get him into his warm jammies and ready for bed!


Here is a funny little story–probably a coincidence, but that’s why it’s so funny! We were sitting at the dinner table eating lunch this weekend. Chad gave Preston a cheeto and Preston said ‘Chad’. Chad and I both looked at each other and started laughing. It was so funny, and Preston probably had no idea what he was saying, he’s probably just heard me say it enough! That being said, it makes us SOO excited for when Preston actually does start saying the funniest things. I’ve got a little journal all ready for when the time comes. I really enjoyed reading the quotes my Mom wrote down about me as a baby, so I’m excited to do the same for our kids.

Speaking of cheetos. And emotions. And personalities. Preston’s ‘excited’ emotion is the BEST. he grins SO BIG that his eyes close and he clenches his fists and holds them up by his face while he squeals. It is THE CUTEST THING EVER!!! no joke. He is such a little ham!!!


Snap chat is another favorite. I know, right? Well, he loves it!! He loves seeing pictures of other babies, and he especially loves the videos! He loves having conversations with snap chat babies.

Going to the gym is a big part of our routine. (okay, not going to lie, maybe not as much so now that it is FREEZING outside) But the gym nursery is very important because Preston gets some socialization with other babies. Now that he’s a little older and loves being so social, I’m trying to get him involved in more ‘activities’.

We took a visit to the new library this past weekend.


Preston loved the other kids. We are going to start going to ‘baby talk’ on Tuesdays and Thursdays when it resumes in December. In January we will be signing up for swimming lessons as well–to get him familiar with the water! It’ll be something that Chad and I do with him.

Preston still naps 2 times a day.


Once in the morning and once in the early afternoon. He has started waking up 1-2 times a night to eat as well. I’m hoping this doesn’t last forever, but until then, I’m going to enjoy the late night snuggles. He has 4 teeth (two top, two bottom) but has 2 more that have broken through the gum. So, i guess you could say he has 6 teeth (they just aren’t fully in yet). It seems painful, but it hasn’t bothered him as much as his first few did. Preston has his first dentist appointment on November 26th. Wish us luck! 😛

Preston is growing like a weed. He has started to stretch out. He hasn’t been gaining weight as fast (since he’s always on the move), but has been growing in length! He weighs 21.6 pounds and is 27 inches long. He is still in 12 month clothes, which is great because 18 month clothes get SO long and lean, and Preston is none of those! They really need to consider making 15 month clothes…(new business adventure anyone?!)

He loves kisses and when you blow raspberries on his tummy. He can also pull himself up when we wants to. He loves opening cupboards and playing with pots and pans. 🙂 He also loves playing with the dishwasher and watching our food bake in the oven.

Our little boy is the best thing that has happened to us. We love him SO much!! We love watching him grow and learn. The other day when I was rocking him, he fell asleep, and it took me awhile before I laid him down in his crib for nap time. His face is just SO sweet. There is nothing better than a sweet little sleeping baby face.


Here is a glimpse at how much our sweet boy has changed.


…until next time! xoxo ❤

Preston – On the move!

I have been wanting to do an ‘ in between’ post for Preston. The day after his 8 month post, he did so many things!! I realized he started sitting up REALLY WELL on his own… From a laying down or crawling position.


He also started pulling himself up on anything and everything. He’s become a much faster crawler so I’m constantly chasing him around the house. I finally ordered a baby gate that will be here tomorrow! I can’t wait to get it installed. He has been putting himself to sleep lately. Which is so nice, but I do miss the cuddles! Usually when he wakes up, I find him sitting up in his crib playing with his stuffed animals. He’s getting better at balancing to stand up and loves walking around the whole house, with help! He has started raising his arms when he wants to be held. He will crawl over to me and sit at my feet and say Mama when he wants me. When I hold him he’s started ‘hanging on’, no more limp, dead weight baby! It really makes carrying him a lot easier because he seems lighter when he holds on!! He has also started taking milk from a sippy!!! Finally! Chad will get up with him in the morning and give him a sippy of milk. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time!


Granted, I still have to feed him right when he sees me in the morning… But it’s progress!!! He’s the sweetest little boy. We love him to pieces. He’s developing such a personality.  We are excited for his first Halloween experience on Friday!!


…until next time!! Xoxo

Preston – 8 months

It’s October! and it’s Sunday. AND OUR LITTLE MAN IS 8 MONTHS!!


oh the changes!!


{{he has hair!! ^^^}}


It’s so hard for me to believe how big our little guy is getting. He’s 21 pounds {{same as last month!}} and 27 inches long.



So our little man is growing in length but thinning out. I miss his {{excessive}} chub already. I was just looking at a photo of him from a few months ago and he was SOO chubby. He’s slimmed down a lot. He actually fits into his bumbo again. Which is really nice, especially when we’re trying to cook.


Our boy just started crawling on the 15th. He did it on his own without help or prompting. He really had NO interest in crawling, or moving for that matter! Now that he’s been crawling for a few days, he’s really getting the hang of it.  This was the one milestone i was NOT looking forward to!


…Now, to baby-proof!


He loves standing and it really good at standing while holding on to something {{one handed}}.


He can stand alone for a few seconds but that’s about it.


He has been really interested in walking {{with help}}.


He loves walking around the whole house..especially when he gets to walk to his dog, Bentley. They are going to be the best of buds!!

{{caught bentley winking…lol 😉 }}


He loves playing with ‘mirror baby’ and also kissing ‘mirror baby’!!


{{he just has too much fun with mirror baby…maybe he needs a sibling… 😉 }}


Our boy is still eating like a champ. He loves his mama milk and his baby food!! He will down a few containers of baby food in one sitting if we don’t put a stop to it after awhile. He will eat anything! I sure hope this lasts…I’m praying he won’t be a picky eater…


Preston and I have been enjoying the PERFECT fall weather the last few days.


We took a trip to the park to swing and walk around. He still LOVES swinging. and people. and kids. and babies!!



We’ve also been taking long walks. He’s not as good on his walks as he used to be…unless he’s being carried in the Ergo. He loves being close to us.


{{I love fall in our neighborhood.}}


Actually I just love fall in our town!!


We have been doing so many fun things on the weekends.



Hitting up the parks!


Enjoying the awesome views!


Taking long walks!


Just enjoying being with our little family!


Going to the Farmers market on saturday mornings has become a fun tradition for us!


We are going to be so sad when it’s done for the season!


On the 14th our little muffy said MAMA!!!! It was music to my ears. He’s been saying DADA for a while now…and to hear him say MAMA, was the best! Those are his first two words. I’ll take it! 🙂



Our boy is such a silly little guy. He loves ‘talking’, making silly noises, and blowing bubbles.


He still has 2 teeth but is cutting his third on the top {{the right center tooth}}. His hair is starting to get thicker and it’s also getting a lot darker. He’s starting to look more like a little boy every day. and i SWEAR he gets cuter by the minute..if that’s even possible! 🙂 He still takes 2 naps a day…sometimes even 3 naps.


Last night he only had two naps and went to bed at 6:30pm and slept until 7:20 am. He must have been exhausted!!! He did wake up at 4am to eat though.


{{after this ^^^ happened, we had to hang some shelves to put the monitor on–outside of his crib!}}


We have been so good about taking him to pumpkin patches, apple orchards, and creameries.


He was able to ‘help’ us pick berries.


AND he even tried a few!

He also went on his first hayrack ride.


{{of course one of us isn’t ready…}}


He LOVES his bath time.


He loves splashing around and playing with his rubber ducky and other fun bath toys.


He still enjoys the nursery at the gym!


We ventured out to a cute little shop in Jewell and bought him a globe!


If you remember, last month we took a trip to Galveston to visit Preston’s aunties right after his 7 month birthday. We had a blast!! Let spam a few photos of our trip.







{{pilot photobomb^^^}}


Let’s just say the last month has been so fun!! Especially since it’s Punkys first Fall!!


First football season!


He has changed soooo much! Still full of smiles though!! 🙂


We just have so much fun together…


I just LOVE staying at home with him!


…until next time! xoxo