An Ode to Fatherhood & Husbandhood

In honor of Father’s day, I am going to use this as an excuse to brag about my husband!


Preston and I are so lucky to have Chad in our lives. He is an outstanding husband and father. He is such a hard worker and impresses me with his skills and knowledge on a day to day basis. After working a long day to provide for our family, he comes home, and takes care of all of his ‘husband/father duties’. It seems that the yard work and house work is never ending. There is always something that needs to be done. Whether it’s cooking dinner, cleaning the house, doing the dishes, mowing the yard, changing the oil in one of our vehicles, folding laundry, or watering the garden; he’s always there to get the job done. Not only that, but he also finds the time to hang out with Preston and me. He is always putting our needs before his own and does it in the most selfless manner. He also lets me sleep in on the weekends while he tends to Preston. He does the first diaper change every morning and evening before I feed Preston. AND HE NEVER COMPLAINS A BIT.


So today, (well, yesterday…actually, everyday) I am not only thankful for Chad being a good Father, but I am thankful for him being an outstanding husband. ALL. THE. TIME.


Happy First Father’s Day to my Hubs!


June 15, 2014