After having our first flight cancelled and then missing every single flight after that, we finally made it into Zurich a day later than we’d planned. Lost luggage and all!!

We flew into Zurich, Switzerland on September 21, 2013.

Zurich was beautiful, we were a little disappointed to only spend the afternoon there, but we were able to take in as much as we could in our short time there. We grabbed a coffee and walked around the city, we climbed up the Grossmunster Kirche Tower for an amazing view of Zurich.

Zurich, Switzerland

The last thing we did before heading to Murren was stop for lunch for a quick salad and green drink (to ward off any sickness that could be coming for our hours and hours of travel!!) It was pretty cool because dogs were able to go into restaurants and stores. They were all so well behaved. In Switzerland, dogs were required to take obedient classes. I wish it was that way in The States.

So, as you can see, we were able to spend the afternoon in Zurich before hopping on a train and then lastly, a cable car, before arriving in Murren.

The lighting wasn’t the best, but this was right after getting off the cable car.

Murren, Switzerland

We stayed at Hotel Eiger Murren.


We got a double room with a balcony that was 315 euros a night. Our views were amazing!


Right outside our balcony was the most amazing view of the mountains {Mt. Eiger to be exact.}


The First night, we arrived around 6pm without any of our luggage. Chad had a few beers from our suite fridge and then we headed to dinner in our hotel–Stubili. The restaurant was really nice and cozy!

Our dinner came with bread and  a sun dried tomato spread.

Chad ordered: Pumpkin soup, vegetable ravioli with red cabbage, candied pears, and brussel sprouts with candied chestnuts.

I ordered: Mixed salad greens with honey balsamic dressing, stuffed chicken with risotto, carrots, spinach stuffed artichoke and stuffed mushrooms.

After dinner we headed back to our room and zonked out!! It sure was a busy day of travels.

Thankfully, our luggage arrived the next day at 5pm. So we only had to spend 24 hours in dirty, filthy clothes!! 😉 We were actually very happy that we chose to put our jackets in our carry-on bags in lieu of a spare outfit.


It was VERY chilly in Murren. However, not having our luggage didn’t stop us from enjoying our vacation in the swiss alps!


First thing in the morning we stopped at a little shop and bought hats and mittens and headed up to the Schilthorn by cable car. It was about 9:30 by now.


The views were breathtaking.


Schilthorn was where the James Bond movie ‘On her Majesties Secret Service’ was filmed.


We walked all around and took in as many views as we could. We stopped inside the revolving restaurant for a drink and to relax.


The restaurant literally rotated so you could see all the views while sitting at your table.

Here is a picture of Chad at our table!


After getting as many pictures as we could, we went back down the mountain so we could rent bikes for the afternoon and ride down the mountain to Lauterbrunnen.


It took us about 3.5 hours to get down the mountain.


We were table to stop at the little towns and villages along the way. The views were breathtaking, once again.


Thank goodness our bikes had awesome brakes, because we had to have the brakes on the whole way down. Once we got to Lauterbrunnen we went to lunch at Hotel Oberland.


Chad got a Farmers Rosti with ham, mushrooms, swiss, and onions over a hashbrown-like potato. He also got a schneider wheat beer. I got a good old fashioned veggie burger with fries and a hot cocoa! After lunch we rode our bikes (all the way across lauterbrunnen) to get to the cable car that would take us back up to Murren. On the way back, we saw base jumpers parachuting off the mountain side. It was pretty cool!  We loved our little trip to Lauterbrunnen.


Once we got back to Murren, we returned the bikes and headed to dinner. After dinner we went for a little walk around Murren before turning in for the the night.

The next morning we got up early to scope out the rest of Murren.


We took a train up a STEEP mountain (and i mean STEEP!) to Allmendhubel.


Here was the view from our train.


At the top we were greeted with the most gorgeous views and a playground for kids to play on.


We were able to sit and relax awhile to soak up all the beauty.


After that we headed out on the trails on the most beautiful nature walk i’ve ever been on.


We were so close to cows and other wildlife.


After a morning of walking and hiking around, we stopped at a quant little restaurant for lunch and enjoyed our surroundings before we headed back down to Murren. This was the best way to spend our last day in the Alps.


It was a little bittersweet to be leaving such a gorgeous place like Murren, but we were ready to head on to experience the rest of our trip!

Next Stop: Vienna, Austria!

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